Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Merinos gets a blog.

To keep people updated on the status of his restaurant, Mike Merino has created a blog called
"Merinos Seminole Heights Deli Updates".

"If all goes as planned, Merinos will be open and ready to serve excellent subs, soups, salads and a special hot meal of the day with side veggies before November 2006."


Anonymous said...

With good food and good service, Merino's is going to do VERY well.

Mike Merino said...

As you are the first to comment on the Merinos Deli update blog, I wish to tell you and anyone that reads this, good food and excellent service, at a fair price is and always will be our number one objective.
If at any time you or any one that patronizes Merinos doesn`t recieve all of those items I have listed, I will not only comp your meal, but invite you for another on the house!
I will be in the deli all the time for not only your business but to develop a long and lasting friendship.

Anonymous said...


You wisely picked an underserved neighborhood for your deli. The demographics are there, it's amazing more entrepreneurs haven't figured it out. Maybe they will when they see Starbuck's, Cappy's and Merino's busting at the seams.

Instead they keep putting failing restaurants up in South Tampa.

It was a shrewd business move that should pay off handsomely.

Anonymous said...

I have only one thing to say.....NEBRASKA AVENUE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What does this person mean by writing only "NEBRASKA AVENUE"
I am assuming that it was written with a negative conotation?
If so, you are all wrong, Nebraska Ave is now rid of the hookers that were all over the place and showing signs of a new revivial.
Along with Florida Ave., it is an intragal part of the make-up of a beautiful Seminole Heights!

AngelSil said...

Maybe they meant that it'd be nice to see some stuff opening up on Nebraska Ave? Florida got Cappy's and now Merino's. Where's the Nebraska love?

(all puns intentional)

Anonymous said...

Where is the Nebraska Love?
I believe once there is sufficiant action on Florida Ave it will naturally gravitate to Nebraska.

Florida Ave is certainly the safer bet for new independent operators.

Anonymous said...

Why would you think that Florida Ave is the safer bet for new independent operators??? That is ridiculous. We have two-way traffic, brand new sidwalks, very few used car lots, PUBLIX, WALGREENS, ADVANCE AUTO PARTS, FAMILY DOLLAR, and the list goes on. Why do the chains like Nebraska better?? Because it is more accessible to the people that frequent their businesses. WHERE IS THE NEBRASKA LOVE??

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree. Nebraska is much more visually appealing than Florida. (granted it still has the bad rep) However, I think it is much more condusive for a business or restaurant. Plus you have the new office building being built and is overall much cleaner appearing than Florida.

Anonymous said...

After reading the most recent comments, I would have to say you probably correct about Nebraska Ave having more overall to offer.
It must be the old bad rep.
Sorry about the miscue!
However, Seminole Heights needs to be thought of as one big blooming area that needs to be unified, so that folks from all over the area will come and spend money and also invest.

YesterDazed said...

Some very good comments, esp. from anon. 5:25 p.m.!

I invite those of you interested in working to create a business district that can serve the Seminole Heights community and attract others as a destination district, to join the Business Guild of Seminole Heights. These are exactly the goals we are working for. We could use some more enthusiastic and forward thinking members.

Even if you don't own a business, but live in S.H., you can be an associate member and work side by side with the active business members. Check for information on our website:, or go by Antiquarian Bookstore, or my shop, Sherry's YesterDaze to learn more.

Back on topic....I, for one, am thrilled about Merino's Deli and really looking forward to the opening!

Mike Merino said...

Thank you Sherry for you positive comment. I am also looking forward to joining the Seminole Heights Business Guild.
I agree that everyone interested in the growth and overall development of our neighboorhood should jump in and be a member!