Thursday, September 14, 2006


USA Today has an article about a pocket ashtray campaign that Keep America Beautiful is conducting. They are handing out pocket ashtrays so instead of throwing them on the ground they will keep them in their pants.

"The palm-sized ashtrays have a sliding door that reveals a metal compartment where cigarettes can be snuffed and stored. The lid shuts snugly to protect clothing. The compartment is big enough for a few butts."

This is a hot topic for me. Go to any intersection and see how many cigarette litterers left their souvenirs on our highways.

""People who would never think of themselves as litterers, who would never throw down a can or other trash, would happily throw down a cigarette butt.""

Remember. Leave your butts in your pants!


Smokerssuckitall said...

Saw this ashtray on cable show

do you really think people who smoke give a crap about their environment> please

smokers suck

Joe Camel said...

Not to try and take away from your completely factual and unbiased opinion but I do smoke cigarettes and I do give a fuck. I don’t smoke in crowds or walking down a crowded street. I do not smoke in my car or home and I do NOT leave my cigarette butts wherever I feel Smokers suck? What are you ten?

Anonymous said...

One of our neighbors in the historic district uses the sidewalk in front of his house as an ashtray. There must be 100 butts there at a time. Is this a code violation?

Anonymous said...

I have seen that too, in my neighborhood - a beautifully landscaped yard, with hundreds of butts at the end of the driveway. Ick.

Smokersuck said...

Yeh sure you care Nelllie!

Stink up the air with smoking
sure sure you always do care where you are with your camels ciggerettes

Yuh huh I belive you O i sure do.....not.

ya throw em on the ground anywhere you are and able to smoke and yes I have no doubt you throw them out your truck or car window as well

Dont come on here behaving like your a "good"smoker and dont deserve to be put on the moment for your stinky habit

grow up and find something healthy to suck on fool!

wider is better said...

blahbity blah. I should grow up. You should try it too you horses ass.

mzopionionated said...

I am also a smoker do not smoke in my car or my home and my butts go in an ashtray and then in the trash. By the way if it weren't for all the taxes smokers pay then you would all have to pay more taxes. And the last I heard cigarette smoking is still legal. And for the guy in the distric that has butts in his yard as long as it is his house it is really none of anybody else's business if the paints it pink & purple polka dots unless someone wants to pay his house payment for him, his taxes and his homeowners insurance.

sir mix-a-lot said...

i like big butts and i cannot lie.

Anonymous said...

Of course he's entitled to litter his own yard. It's still disgusting.

sexualchocolate said...

smokersuck: I'm sure you're god and have never done anything bad before right? Great way to get your point across moron.

mzopionionated said...

no, I am not a god. Yes, I have made mistakes in the past. No, I am not a moron,which according to the dictionary is " a mildly mentally retarded person or a very stupid person." I recomend that if you want to call people names you spend some time with the Webster Dictionary.

Anonymous said...


O smokers sure get testy dont they>? smoke wanna kill yourself ...fine do so
but not at the expense of others

I do not for one like smokers who walk in this neighborhood and find ciggerette butts in my yard...tossed by some dog walker or what have you...Its a nasty stinking habit and those who choose to participate in using them
Should be considerate of those who do not.....
I for one dont like the smell of them and If your here to call names and blame and point fingers maybe you need something else to suck on

Dont be so rude...Most people dont like ciggerettes and you smokers are not blind to it.

Ms Opinonated did not call you anything You decieded to attack her
for whatever......grow the hell up yourself Nellie