Sunday, September 10, 2006

Earthquke Strikes Seminole Heights

On the street accounts from IFly reveals Seminole Heights was struck by an earthquake. As he noted, according to USGS the earthquake measured 6.0 on the Richter Scale and the epicenter was 250 miles west of Ft. Myers.

Did you feel the quake? Did your dishes rattle? My chair shaked but I was not sure it was our washer vibrating.


Greg said...

Was that today about 11:00 'ish? Several things in my house rattled around and I thought it was a sonic boom but I did not hear anything just felt the vibration and heard the rattleing. Thought I was in LA again.

seminolebratz said...

my homie state

earthquakes and hurricanes

wow florida is very un boring

didnt feel it my cat did


ranbar said...

My wife and I felt it also. The house trembled for for about 20 seconds. Her reaction was to ask if our house was on a sinkhole. One of my first reactions was that it was a quake, but then I thought, it's Florida, we never get quakes!

IFly said...

Well it's funny, we were just talking about ghosts about 15 minutes before the quake, so silly as it may be, my first thought was ghost. 2nd thought was a truck, but no noise associated. Then maybe sonic boom, again no noise. Felt two quakes when I lived on the west coast and both of those were just big thumps only about a second in duration if that. I have to say earthquake was pretty low on the list, but I thought I'd check the USGS website anyway.

Anonymous said...

Weird! I thought it was maybe just a plane overhead. But it was really strange because I could feel the floor vibrate. Does anyone know when the last time an earthquake reached this area?

IFly said...

News says 1958 near Quincy.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I noticed a soft spot in yard a couple weeks ago so we also thought it might be a sink hole at first.