Saturday, September 30, 2006

More on Boarding House

Owner May Fight Fines For Barring Inspections
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By KATHY STEELE The Tampa Tribune
Published: Sep 30, 2006

"SEMINOLE HEIGHTS A code enforcement case involving a boardinghouse occupied by sex offenders appears headed to court.

Ethan Loeb, an attorney for property owner Helen Pridgen, said he expects to appeal the $100 daily fines imposed on his client for not allowing 24-hour-a-day unannounced inspections."

Just wait. After the time period is over, they will start moving the residents back to the boarding house.


Anonymous said...


MW said...

Open Letter to Mr Lane and Pam Iorio:

Dear city leaders,

As a lifelong resident of Tampa, I would like to thank you both for putting my family and neighbors at risk by allowing the boarding house. Had you, or your staff been the slightest bit competent to do your job and uphold the Florida statutes that you are elected and hired to uphold, this would not have been an issue. By your inability to uphold these simple statutes, you have no created a liability on our city that will more than likely end with a financial loss to the city of Tampa. Code Inspectors and TPD have known for many years about the many problems at this address. Both City and State leaders had been notified and contacted regarding issues that went against code and Florida laws. For years, neighbors filed complaints. However, your Code Enforcement Leaders continued to comply the case even though nothing changed.

If it weren't for the great neighborhood leaders in this area, this house would still be operating at full capacity.

Again, thank you both so much for caring about the children, families and neighborhood welfare of Seminole Heights. This incident has shown your true colors and where your interest lies.


Michael W.
E. Conover
Registered Tampa Voter

signmeFREAKINGANGRY said...

Should any one here need testimony regarding what a sexual offender can do to a neighborhood

respond .I am a adult survivor of a predator
Not that I enjoy putting this pain out there I DO NOT.
regardless of my crap I do not
desire to see this chit happening again in this pleasant and wonderful neighborhood where I see
children each and everyday and
hate to see them lose what precious little ability to be out side in the world in their yards safetly!!@

Please respond to my post if I am able to help in any fashion

Anonymous said...

There is a similar situation forming at the corner of Chelsea and 12th street that doesn't seem to be getting any attention, either.

Anonymous said...

If you have a problem speak with the code lady first.
See what she can do for you but be nice.
No one wants to help a screaming fool.
Tell her a specific address or call the association and they can get in contact with her.
Sometimes I feel its better to speak directly to her if its an ongoing issue rather than file excessive complaints.
I would rather not put her phone # on here due to the perverts that have been coming here every once in a while but Sherry can help you to make contact.
I really like her a lot.
She is a straight shooter and she has a big heart.
But I think she doesnt do all of SESH just East of Nebraska.
I havent liked a city employee this much since Chief Houge took over and redesigned TPD.
That girl can fix some problems.

CouldBeSherry said...

To all. The house on 12th and Chelsea has only been brought up in the last couple of months, while the house on New Orleans has been an issue for over four years. It is being worked on and has been brought to the attention of both code and Tpd. While there is enough blame to go around, some of the problems are that there are not clear cut rules in some areas. It involves overlapping governmental departments, making the enforcement most difficult. The city is presently working on this with a goal towards not only handling the problems we have now, but also designing a something which prevents it from happening in the first place.

This is not a small project. It has taken years for things to get as they are and it will not be cured over night. A very important element in all this is the constant involvement of the community, exhibited by letters, and presence at hearings, courts and council when needed, as well as contact with candidates in the up coming elections. I urge all of you to care enough to participate, not just to talk here. The city needs to see your faces and know your complaints, or in the case of things that work, like TPD, your compliments. Try to remember that if you do not speak you become the child, letting the city “do” for you, which includes deciding what is best for you from their point of view. The city works at your behest. And will only know to address your needs if you tell them what they are!

A good place to start is the upcoming Political Forum this month!! For more information visit

Anonymous said...

My one question is why has Curtis Lane not been FIRED!!!!!!!! For years, neighbors have complained about this house. While it may have not been illegal to have multiple sex offenders in one house, it was def. illegal to have 16 grown men living in one house. If Curtis would have pulled is head out of his ass for a second, he could have confirmed this. Instead it takes our neighborhood leaders to bring this to the forefront.

How many times did Curtis, Bill, Harold or the pot smoking Dawn Colvin close the case "by accident" by saying it was complied. All the while allowing the violations to continue.

There was an earlier post on this site about "would you vote for the mayor". I will tell you this mayor--- If these ass clowns are still employeed come election time, I will spend every waking moment campaigning for your opponent, raising money for your opponent and makeing sure the city of Tampa realizes that you have No courage to stand up and be the freaking leader that we elected you to be!

Grow some ba*ls, stand up, and FIRE these losers before the city is sued or worse.

Anonymous said...

Let's make sure that the money wasted on legal by the city comes out of the Mayor's Riverwalk budget. It is her ignorance and lack of management that has created this situation to begin with. My wife contacted her office shortly after we moved in and to date, very little has been done. We live 3 blocks from this house and they used to walk by our home in groups daily. While it is not as bad as before, there are still alot living there.

Has the association talked to their atty about possibly suing the homeowner?

Anonymous said...

NOW that is an excellent idea


Anonymous said...

Can't sue for being a scum. Till the rules are clear, there are no definite grounds for a suite.

Anonymous said...

According to the news anchor, this lady makes several hundreds of dollars on each offender. Take that times the 16-20 men that were living there, she is making a small fortune. Now the city has cut off this supply of course she will do all in her power to get this back in operation. Trust me, there will be a suit. It unfortunate that the code office continued to comply this address. They owner now has a legal leg to stand on. I agree, let Pam and Curtis foot this bill.

Anonymous said...

You can sue for anything.

Sue Helen Pridgen for not following code. Sue the city.

Get the case in front of a judge.

Some interesting things could happen once a judge learns about the case especially if it draws media attention.

Anonymous said...

There is another Tampa home getting attention for this on today.

Anonymous said...

I emailed the woman who covered this story .

She did write back asking the exact locale of the one on new orleans ave

good luck .seems to me lately here the worst people get the big slice of the pie.

money talks.