Friday, September 08, 2006

Shelly Cohen Archbold Benefit

An email from Rick F. that was sent to him

"The attached is to benefit my friend, client and now neighbor, Shelley, who has breast cancer. She and her husband bought a bungalow on Comanche last year. They are holding a benefit art show for her if anyone is interested in attending. Details attached. Thanks !

Message sent from one of her coworkers at the Tribune.....................
Shelley Cohen. Even if you don't know her personally, you've heard her name or seen it in Flair or Florida Bride among other things. You may have helped her with many projects in her continuing quest to help animals of all kinds. Perhaps you bought some of the baked goods she made and sold in support of Stride for Strays. Shelley, who recently became Mrs. Archbold, has won many awards, developed many campaigns and produced lots of amazing work during her years at the Trib. She is a well-respected and much loved member of our Creative Team. A couple of years ago, many of you attended Shelley's art show in honor of her mom, who had died of cancer, so you know what an incredible artist and loving person she is. Shelley is a bright, sweet, beautiful woman who seems to hold the world in her hands. So, why am I asking you for help again?Shelley was diagnosed with cancer and has already undergone several surgeries. She is scheduled for chemo and radiation in the very near future. You say you've seen her recently and she seemed happy and healthy. You have and she does because she is a very private person and is much stronger than you could imagine. She doesn't want to burden anyone with her troubles and she does not want people to feel sorry for her. It is fair to say that unplanned expenses are straining the Archbold's budget. Several of our artists are planning to have an art show and silent auction at Mirta's Art Gallery on September 22nd, at 6pm. I hope that you will attend and bid on some of the great pieces donated by local artists. If you cannot attend the show, but would like to help, we are also collecting donations. I know, through personal experience, how generous you all are and how much you have given to so many causes, but this is one I thought you'd want to know about. Whether or not you make a donation, please keep Shelley in your thoughts and, if you are so inclined, say a little prayer. Smile, hope for the best, be kind and be happy - that's what Shelley is teaching me on a daily basis.See the attached flyer for details on the Art=Love Show."

Come spend a wonderful evening filled with beautiful art, good
food and great people, all to benefit our dear friend and colleague,
Shelley Archbold.

When: Friday, Sept. 22, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Where : Mirta’s Art Gallery
119. S. Hyde Park Ave., Tampa

\A silent auction, featuring art donated by Tribune employees and
friends, will be held and $1 from every food and drink purchase
will go towards helping Shelley and Matt.

Artists: Please have your art to LyAnne Hale by Friday, Sept. 15.

Author Dr. David Viscott (1938-1996) once wrote, “To love and
be loved is to feel the sun from both sides.” Through our love and
support, we can help Shelley and Matt through this diffi cult time.

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