Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Aliens Abduct Trailer and Dump It On Steps Of the Breadman

An email from August Vanderdonckt(aka the BreadMan):

"My wife called me at work today asking if I gave somebody permission to park a trailer in our front-yard and I said no.

She said, "well, I guess somebody dumped a large trailer in the middle of our front yard while I was home".

When I came home to check it out, I was totally amazed.

I was expecting the trailer to be maybe half on the street and half on our property but as you can see, this trailer looks like it came falling out of the sky. The only giveaway as to why it didn't from the sky is the trail of ripped up grass and Jasmine.

We're trying to figure out why somebody might think this would be an even remotely good idea. Why not leave it on the street?

The thing is 15 feet long, and is missing a wheel.
Still has the license plate on it.

I guess it might be stolen. Anyway, the cops told us to call a towing company to come and pick it up. The first towing company that came by refused to take it because they suspected it to be stolen. We're waiting for the second tow company at this point. Hopefully, they will take it. I already checked with the cops and they told me that the license plate is not from a stolen trailer."

Tag I84 KFT


Anonymous said...

I would love to take off your hands if it was not stolen and I could register it!

CouldBeSherry said...

OMG this is the funniest thing ever. That is unless your August! Who does this stuff?

If it wasn't a stolen tag, are the cops going to trace the tag so the person who owns it can pay the towing bill?

Anonymous said...

Hint ,Hint, Wees aint be wantin yer kine ere in semololee hites.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:54pm eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh, sorry, i could not remember where i left it. i will be right over to pick it up.

Addison said...

Three words....
Only In Florida

Bloggerwife said...

Maybe we could adopt it. Make it a community trailer. It sure would be useful picking up stuff from Home Depot!

mightbeMIKE said...

I know it's a pain in the butt right now, but we will be laughing about this for years to come!! Enjoy the adventure of East Tampa life. Another suggestion: we could use it as a Tranny Puta float for the Gasparilla parade. Oh, God. It just gets funnier by the minute.

seminolesugar said...

lol lllllllllllllllolololllllll!!

this is too funny......

I do agree.please give it to the tranny "puta's .

they can "relocate" now.

Curiousgeorge said...

Will you be able to let the bloggers know who owns this and what exactly happend?
Just call me Curious george"

Anonymous said...

Ack! the party that this is registered to is born in
ack ack ack!

Anonymous said...

This soooo tops the lady sleeping in my front yard Sunday :) Only in SESH! Maybe it was a gift from all the bagel/bread lovers - when will you start delivering bagels via trailer and how much is the delivery charge?

Anonymous said...

Hillsborough County has an illegal dumping unit that can investigate this.
I am sure with a tag on there they can charge the guy with a crime.

amarathonguy said...

I don't get the comments from the police. Your property is damaged. They should be investigating the owner and he should be charged minimally with vandalism and with any towing. The missing tire/rim suggests that he took a flat off to go get it fixed. I say chain it to a tree until this gets done.

BreadMan said...

OK, here is the short version of what happened next:
We decided that the most likely scenario was that the trailer came
unhooked from a vehicle driving in our street and came to a stand still
on top of my Jasmine.
We based this scenario on the following clues:

* a deep scratch in the asphalt starting about 60 yards away from
our house
* One of the rear axles seems to have broken
* The trailer hitch was split in half.

The tow truck never showed up.
That same evening, somebody came to our door claiming to be a friend of
the person who was driving the vehicle. His story didn't make too much
sense, but did somewhat confirm that the trailer came off the car
while driving. He could not give me an explanation why the driver did
not stop to 1) check on his trailer or 2) inform us that his trailer
just landed in our front yard.
He said something about his friend going to come pick it up in a day or
so. I told him his "friend" needed to pick it up that same night or it
would get towed in the morning.
When I left for work, the trailer was gone. I assume the owner came and got it.

Anonymous said...

Just another disrespectful a-hole passing through. What gives? When will people learn just a tad of humility and respect for other people and their property.

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite thread so far.