Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Code Violated Motel

The other day I say one of the motels on the west side of nebraska with orange code violation stickers on every single door of the motel. I wonder if those are condemned signs. Any one have any info?


Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing at 915 Osborne.

Anonymous said...

The Oasis Motel on Nebraska was shut down due to on-going illegal activities and code violations. Someone has been working on this motel, we are hoping that they don't re-open. No one from the city will provide any further information on this location.

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Not that I support these scummy motels, but be careful what you wish for. Empty buildings will attract a far worse element than the somewhat-maintained motels currently do. At least the Patel's and other owners have to pay a little attention to the law; when they are gone, that barrier will go with them.

mightbeMIKE said...

I always thought of converting one of these motels into office suites or possibly up-scale efficiency apartments for the elderly. Does anyone else have a good idea for what these old motels could be used for??

ShaynaPunim said...

Where am I going to go to have dirty anonymous sex with strangers I pick up at the Hub if you close these motels down? These businesses provide a valuable service and I for one applaud them. Sure I can ask my neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar but a crack rock? Think again. It’s not about your needs and concerns, it’s about the good hardworking men and women who just want to unwind after a hard week of work with an eight ball and two transvestite prostitutes. Are we asking to much? Where has the all American dream gone? Where?!

IFly said...

Guess we all might need to think outside the box(no pun intended) for our anonymous rendezvous now. Before long we won't even need to leave our homes, we will just plug in and "interact" electronically anyway.

*sarcasm, and humor alert*

Greg said...


The American Dream has moved further east on Hillsborough and route 60 and further north on Nebraska toward the city/county line.

Please enjoy your "dream" responsibly and certainly take it out of the 'hood - it ain't what it use to be - Thank the Lord!!

Anonymous said...

I think that we should convert them into closet space.

Bungalowlady said...

Closet space is a wonderful idea. I would rent one since I only hae two small closets in my whole house.

Seriously, though, I think they would make marvelous boutiques or small offices.

pacificurlz said...

Dear Mr Mike

I belive your idea is awesome.
Housing for elder who do not rely on someone to help them daily

some sort of apartment complex for elders would be great .
cheap rent ..so they could eat real food each day and afford to reside on their own
some olders do not have any one left
the idea would provide them company close by as well
dont they have a right to decent enough neighorhood ?
its fairly safe to me here and I have hopes and dreams of living here till I am deceased

please add some more ideas and Mr.Mike whom would one contact for such a idea?