Thursday, September 28, 2006

Aliens, The Breadman and TPD

After reading some of the blog about the Alien Trailer drop, I contacted Major Guidara and asked him to read the blog, and note the tag. I asked if we could not locate the person who belonging to the tag, so he could pick up the towing charges of the Breadman.

I received a call very quickly. The Major had an officer with him, ready to dispatch to get it towed, He just didn't know what the address was. I told him I thought it had been towed already, but that I was headed to the Code Task Force Meeting and could go by on my way and let him know. I drove by and it was gone.

I called the Major back. We chatted and the Major said that in the future, in a circumstance like this, they absolutely have the ability to have it towed at no charge to the homeowner. I remarked that Breadman had basicaly been told to get it towed and he said he realized that and was sorry, it was a new officer and it was an unusual situation. He asked that I tell Breadman and others that in the future, it can be towed and to just contact him.

So, for local solutions to Alien problems such as seemingly air dropped trailers in your lawn call 276-3700 and speak to the Major!


Anonymous said...

LOL;-) thanks for posting this .
You made my friday morning!!

aliens pft...i call those hookers on nebraska ave.Aliens

Anonymous said...

I was thinking mutants, myself.