Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Reporting Drug Activitiy

Found while perusing the August 2006 Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

What the Police would like to know

• What makes you believe drugs are
being sold?
• Do you know what drugs are
involved? Have you seen any drug
• How long has the activity gone on?
• Have you reported this activity
before? If so, when?
• What is the address where the drug
activity is occurring (including
the apartment number) or the closest
• What type of building is it? (single
family, home, business, apartment)

• Where on the property is the drug
activity taking place? (at the front
door, out the back window, in the
alley, etc).
• Do you know where the drugs are
• What is the pattern of the activity?
Time of day and days of the week
when it is the heaviest? Number of
people in and out in a given hour?
Do cars drive up to the house or do
people park and walk up? From
which direction do they come and
how do they leave? Keep a written
log of your observations, including
dates and times, this can help identify
patterns. Have there been any other
crimes associated with the operation
(threats or assaults on neighbors,
increased burglaries, etc)?
• Do you know the name and address of
the property owner?
• Do you know the name(s) of the
person or persons suspected of dealing?
• What do the suspected dealer(s) look
like? (sex age, race, height, weight,
build, hair and eye color, hair style,
facial hair, complexion, eyewear,
distinctive clothing). Be as specific as
possible with your description(s).
• What type car(s) do the suspected
dealer(s) drive? (Make, model, year,
• How many people live in the house or
apartment? Are there children? How
old are they?
• Any dogs? What kind? How many?
• Any bars or other types of
reinforcements on the windows and
doors of the house or apartment?
What kind? Where? Any alarm or
security systems? What kind?
• Have you seen any weapons? What
kind? How many?

How to report drug activity

Don’t assume the police already know
about the activity or that a neighbor
will call. Don’t assume one report is all
that is needed. If the activity keeps on
occurring, keep on reporting it. If the
pattern changes, report that change. All
neighbors observing the drug activity are
encouraged to report it.


inspectorgadget said...

Why don't we just do their jobs to and arrest the "perps" while we are at it.

Resident Blogger said...

Well inspectorgadget, have a bad day? Thinking this is our hood and we are responsible for it. It is up to us to be the eyes and ears of the police. Unless, of course you would like to have one officer issued per household so they could see what we see.

Suggest some relaxation therapy!