Saturday, September 23, 2006

Scent of a woman

Today as I am walking Ella, I see my neighbor putting gas from a plastic gas tank into his Corvair. I also noticed an orange extension cord running into the engine area, presumably charging up the battery. In the past I have seen him sitting in the Corvair with the engine running, Later I drove by and noticed the Corvair missing from its parking place.

I wondered if my neighbor had taken the Corvair for a spin which would make it an pretty interesting day in the neighborhood, given that he is blind. Hoaah!

PS. Scent of a Woman - Al Pacino, blind, driving a Ferrari

PSS. As the commenter reminded, perhaps this could also be titled Unsafe At Any Speed.


Anonymous said...

The most interesting thing about all this is that he had a Corvair. I had no idea any of them were still on the road.

BTW, I think I would steer pretty clear of this neighbor. He seems to have a death wish........and this includes the driving of the Corvair! I owned one years ago. They are not a particularly safe car.

Good to load blocks in the trunk so they stay on the road! Unlike VW they never seemed to make the Corvair work so well with the engine in the rear.

seminolesugar said...

what streets are you referring to.
We enjoy the walking to but do not wish to become human road bumps either!

Bloggerwife said...

I like to imagine that someone drove him to a deserted stretch of road and he was able to drive down it, recalling his sighted memories, with the wind blowing through the windows and the radio blasting his favorite music. Of course, where you'd find a deserted stretch of road, I have no idea.

seminolesugar said...

now that is a image I so much like.

btw..arizona has some long long stretches of road .