Thursday, September 07, 2006

Neighborhood Plant Exchange and Garden Fair and Other Worthy Events

The following is information gleaned from reading the SESHCA newsletter:

The Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association is sponsoring a plant exchange on Saturday, September 23 at Giddens Park. Giddens Park is at the corner of East Giddens Avenue and 12th Street. There will also be a compost workshop presented by the Hillsborough County Extension Service. A starting time wasn't listed for this event, but I'm sure that detail will emerge sometime before the 23rd. So, pot up some plants, folks. I also suggest cleaning out your garden shed. Gardeners are always willing to exchange pots, fertilizer, old tools, whimsical garden statues and more. Let's make it a garden extravaganza. I'm bringing plumbago, white flowering dogwood, snowbush, basket plant, walking iris, kalanchoe, and miscellaneous gardenalia. It helps to label your plants. If you have time, add simple care instructions. Popsical sticks are ideal for this. Just print out information, glue or tape to top of stick, and plant other end in pot.

Also listed in the newsletter was "Dog Day at Giddens Park" , a fun day for people and pets with games and treats. That is October 28. Oooh, does this mean there will be a costume contest? People come up with the funniest costumes for dogs. I do think there should be a requirement that the owners dress just as silly.


Anonymous said...

I just got a dog recently and the thought of dressing her up in costumes sounds so great I can hardly wait! She looks really funny in a t shirt wait till I make her a mermaid!

Anonymous said...

Scott: "Garden Extravaganza"? That just has to be the gayest phrase I have ever heard in my life.

Bloggerwife said...

Scott didn't say it, his wife did. He lets me slip in an article every now and then. As for my word usage, what can I say. I was influenced by reading about the book about the World's Fair!

Anonymous said...

Thats the gayest thing phrase you've ever heard in you life? Really? You live in Seminole Heights and thats the gayest thing you've ever heard?

Anonymous said...

You sound like an inspector I know.
Keep it up.
Your girlfriends at my house right now.