Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rollin Papers

Every time I go into a store and I see cigarette papers being bought, I think, another pot smoker. Then the other day, I was in the Sunoco at Sligh when more cigarette papers were bought by some guy in his 20's/30's. I walked out and actually saw him in his car rolling a cigarette. I was shocked. Someone aside from a homeless guy, actually using rolling papers for cigarette.



Anonymous said...


Flyer anon said...

Quality and cost. I use a tube roller that rolls cigs w/a filter and always keep a pack of tops and little hand roller for a back-up if I run out of the tubes. I get the tobacco in bulk from 'Tobacco Depot'. I worked out to being 75 cents a pack and far greater quality than anything can can be purchased at a store.

WTF? said...

But hey feel free to keep judging anyone you want. I saw someone buying windex the other day. I bet they were going to drink it.

Flyer anon said...

Dosen't it shock you to see how judgemental and out of touch some of the ppl on this blog are? The real scary thing is they want to decide for us how to live our lives to their judgments.

Quick lets all wag our fingers! said...

Well its those scary reefer smokers! They.. they.. they might actually be enjoying themselves! We must judge judge judge!!! Now off to my judgeandjury mobile! I am perfect and have never done anything bad in my life!

Well at least your moving to meth land, plenty of people to look down on there!

Midnight smoker said...

Its seems like theres a few people on here that could use a bong hit...

You can't spell Seminole Heights with out HIGH!

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of really fried pot smokers that live across the street from me. They have the same shitty attitude. No-one is being judgmental here. He is only making an observation. As is obvious from the previous comments on this entry, pot makes people very, very paranoid and suspicious. If you knew Scott at all, you would know that he really doesn't look "down" on anyone. Take a friggin xanax, will ya!!

Seminole Heights said...

Interesting that people see judgments where none existed. I was simply making an observation as anon 9:56 aM noted. When I was growing up, my buds only used rolling papers for pot, so that is my only experience base.

Hmmmm said...

"Every time I go into a store and I see cigarette papers being bought, I think, another pot smoker."

I love you Mary Jane said...

"I walked out and actually saw him in his car rolling a cigarette. I was shocked. Someone aside from a homeless guy, actually using rolling papers for cigarette."

"I was shocked."

"Someone aside from a homeless guy"

Seminole Heights said...

Where is the negative judgment in that comment?

How do you smoke pot? In a bong or in a cigarette. How do you make a cigarette? Using rolling papers. Again in my experience base, people who used rolling papers smoked pot. That is what we did growing up. If anyone wanted tobacco they got cigarettes, cigars or a can to chaw.

Had I used the word "pot head" I could see it being taken as negative.

I find it more curious the willingness of people to jump to extreme conclusions.

"But hey feel free to keep judging anyone you want. I saw someone buying windex the other day. I bet they were going to drink it."

That's a stupid comment. Everyone knows you don't drink Windex - you use it to spray any skin ailments. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)

"The real scary thing is they want to decide for us how to live our lives to their judgments."

"Well its those scary reefer smokers! They.. they.. they might actually be enjoying themselves! We must judge judge judge!!! Now off to my judgeandjury mobile! I am perfect and have never done anything bad in my life!

"plenty of people to look down on there"

I thought pot was supposed to mellow people? Where is Tommy Chong when you need him?

ShaynaPunim said...

"Where is Tommy Chong when you need him?"

I agree!! Come on they don't call it a peace pipe for nuthin' folks!

ShaynaPunim said...

As I walk on
Through troubled times
My spirit gets so downhearted sometimes
So where are the strong
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.
'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away, just makes me wanna cry.
What's so funny 'bout peace love & understanding?

Seminole Heights said...

You can buy empty cigarette tubes? Learn something new every day.

Anonymous said...


Who knew? Certainly not I. Course I am going to get my lung disease the old fashion way, breathing in city air!

Cig smokers smell bad!

Anonymous said...

Here's another site..
Their slogan is.....
...."A connoisseur's cigarette at an economy price"

Oh lord! Connoisseur?

here's a link said...


Flyer anon said...

Nah Scott, You don't look down on ppl.

From your moving thread:
"I consider it missionary work. As Susan said bringing the Spirit Of Seminole Heights to the heathens. I am thinking of all sorts of ways of shaking things up there."


Sounds pretty respectful to me.
OK, I'll grant you that that's what SUSAN said but you seem to be seconding it.

Helen said...

Thanks Shaynapunim for shedding a little light from Elvis Costello on the blog...You can never go wrong with a little Elvis!

luckytop said...

I hate to be judgemental, but judging by the way you all judge so quickly, I must conclude you are not only judgemental of others who are judgemental, but are judgemental of those who are judged by others to be judgemental, at least judging by the judgments you have made.

Bloggerwife said...

I said I was taking the Spirit of Seminole Heights with us. I never used the word heathens or said anything about the people there. I happen to like the people there very much.

I'm with Shaynapunim and Helen, make peace.

joe positive said...

helen, it was actually Nick Lowe who wrote that.

Flyer anon said...

Then I guess it was Scotts sentiments. Maybe you need to review his posts for him before he hits the send button as it appears his Freudian slips keep showing.

Anonymous said...

He'll get himself in a nice townhouse in Lutz with the capital gains on the $299,000. With all the preaching for the last few years, I actually believed that he belived that Seminole Heights was a great place. I never fathomed he'd preach and leave. "Close to work, urban paradise, blah, blah, blah . . . " It was all a bunch of bullshit designed to raise his property value enough to be in a position get up and leave and buy a new home, as opposed to 80 years old. Blehk! I'm gonna roll me a big fattie now with green tobakee.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't have anything against pot smokers. However, if you do the research, where do you think the pot comes from. It is the same places that funds and keeps "Willie" out on our streets. It is the crack dealers peddling their goods. The same dealers that keep the Hookers on Nebraska going so they can make money to buy more. Look on the hillsborough county website at how many people are arrested with Pot and Cocaine with intent to distribute. It has to come from somewhere. Oh, thats right, you drive into other peoples neighborhoods to purchase it!

PuffaPattiPothead said...


Oh my!
I dont give a flying rats behind what any one thinks if Im purchasing "wraps' for my bud.
I do not drink alcohol nor smoke ciggerettes nor do I overeat .

I do pot it helps the stomach alot when my ulcer med is out and I dont have the 200$ for it.

So what people smoke weed.I personally have yet to meet a person who smoked a dub'and destroyed a family driving all over the dam road and killing them.

Most potsmokers are usually laid back to stay at home and order in.

I realize you beerdrinkers and yuppie martini heads are going to bitch..
bitch away.

Its an herb.And yes.I concur
some of the people on this blog

DEFINETLY could stand to "mellow" out.

rather be a joker,a smoker AND a midnight toker .....then be a mean ass family killing drunk driver.

Heightsmomma said...

Why dont you inquire here on the "blog" many do smoke ganja?

o this is a anoymuous board people

Anonymous said...

ok seriously, what percentage of people buying papers is actually using tobacco? i love how you posters get cheesed at scott about his opinion. the purpose of this blog has always been about scott's musings and observations.

and as far as scott moving exactly how is that any of your damned business? perhaps there are other reasons they are moving. when you guys decide to move or make some other major life decision perhaps you will feel the need to post it on the blog and have everyone second guess and judge you. i'm sure it was not easy for them to make the decision and it's certainly not b/c they think they can make a profit. besides, there could't BE a worse time to put your house on the market. those of you who say that kind of crap obviously don't know scott or susan.

Bloggerwife said...

Thank you anon 11:46. I think I know who you are and I appreciate your words. It's people like you who make it very hard to leave here. It has been a difficult decison to move. There are other factors involved in this decision that we chose not to divulge because we really wouldn't enjoy people picking apart our personal life in public. It took us two years to get to this point. We tried to find ways to stay because we love the people in this neighborhood, the sense of community, the vibrant energy that's generated here.
And you are right about it being a bad time to move. Last year would have been better, but we couldn't make ourselves leave. As for those who think we're selling a $300,000 house and making bundles of profit, we have a small, simple house. The profit from the sale will barely allow us to buy another modest house. If we were in it for the investment, we would stay around until the market recovers.
And flyeranon, it's not my job to censor Scott. This is his blog, he says what he wants and deals with the consequences. Scott's impulsive with words. He types away until midnight, half the time falling asleep over his computer. I doubt he spends much time rechecking his type. His mission is just to keep the community conversation going. If some of what comes out of his head after a long day is offensive to you, change the channel.

CouldBeSherry said...

The interesting thing is that no matter what we personally may think of FlyerAnon, or Scott, for that matter, they are the fabric of the blog. It makes for interesting reading, even when riddled with inconsistencies and erroneous statements. I think we should not underestimate the "gift" Scott has given to us. It is sad he and Susan need to move. I say need because I know them personally and I can't imagine that this decision is anything but heart wrenching for them.

Anyone who knows these two know that they have never been about the big bucks. Rather, they are about home, family, good citizenship and giving. They are sensitive caring people.

In addition Scott is very brave. Sometimes foolishly so. But I do know this, most of you would never stick your opinions out here with your name and face attached to them. It takes a bit of gut to put it out there for all to see. The anon tag makes it easy to say what is on your mind.

I, for one, will miss these two in a big way.

Helen said...

Joe Positive and other Elvis fans,

I knew that Nick Lowe wrote the song and that he produced a number of Elvis Costello's albums but I had no idea that he also performed the song. Here's what I found online:

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding : This is the version of the song that most people know but, strictly speaking, Elvis Costello & The Attractions never recorded this song. It was originally the B side of Lowe's American Squirm and was credited to Nick Lowe and His Sound. At the time Lowe was Costello's producer, and he produced this track as well. When the song became a hit, it was quickly appended as the last track to the U.S. edition of Costello's album Armed Forces.

We are both correct! Thanks for the enlightenment....

Flyer anon said...

Given this blog is the main cheerleader for the things I least like when it comes to this neighborhood. I feel the need to come to Scott and Susan's defense in relation to the poster that's accusing them of cashing out and running.

If they were just in it for the money they would have done it 2 years ago and not now.
They alluded to aged friends/relatives they need to be closer to. I can relate to that as this week I became the one closest to my Dad when he was moved into the hospice at 15th and Chelsea. I don't think he and my Mom are going to be celebrating their next Anniversary together (woulda' been their 54th, how's that for devotion).

The thing that disgusted me the most, and most exemplified the "It's all about me" attitude of the new inhabitants this neighborhood, is that when Scott reached the 200,000 hit milestone not one of you took notice of it. This blog is his baby and that was something to be proud of. Like when a human baby takes its first steps or utters its first word. In a sense I may miss Scott also, I only wish he'd take the rest of you with him.

Rick F. said...

The blog is an interesting place. Hopefully it will remain so. There are times to be anonymous to say what you feel needs to be said and not be tarred and feathered. Lord knows there are some very prickly people that live in this neighborhood. I am sure that David and Susan (by default) have paid a price other than insults on the blog for things that have been posted.

However, most of the nastiness on this blog seems to come from mean-spirited assholes who's life and world must be very small.

Bitch away if it is something you care about. But bitching just to bitch and being nasty just because you can hide behind being "anonymous" is childish cowardice.

This blog helps keep the Seminole Heights community informed about stuff in our own back yard better than the local media.

I think that will be lost in their move to Lutz. That is unfortunate.

Seminole Heights said...

Thank you all.

Bloggerwife said...

I thank you, too. I know Scott will try to keep this blog going even after we move because he believes it's helping to connect the community. But credit also needs to go to the people who post here and keep the conversation flowing. Without you, it would just be Scott musing and observing, which is entertaining, to be sure, but not the whole picture. Your responses are stimulating and educational, sparking incredible dialogue. Like couldbesherry said, Scott and Flyeranon are part of the fabric. So is she, and each one of you. I think the continuation of this blog will rely more on you, than Scott when we leave.

Flyeranon, that is sad news about your father. My sympathy to you and your Mom. He is fortunate to have you so close.

Anonymous said...

Where does your pot come from. I guess it does not come from the Drug Dealers we are trying to rid the neighborhood. I guess where you buy it does not affect the quality of life of anyones neighborhood? Great, keep smoking.
I guess you can justify it if you don't buy it in your own hood or you buy it from the middle man and never see the crack dealer.

Flyer anon said...

I'd have to guess that no reefer smoking homeowners around here are buying off the street here or in any other neighborhood. They all support domestic producers.

Anonymous said...

truth be told

yep I bought mine here in this verrrrrrrry "hood" for long time
the man who sold me pot moved to Lutz over six years ago.
We lived on one of these "historic' avenues. Imagine! Geez he sold me pot off of Idlewild.woah!
Current dealer is in similar area so gees who the heck do you think you all are?

O and crack is far from ya tweaking idiot .please pick up some information on pot
I am a reader of Scientific America. mag.
and its got quite a lot to say about the affects of canniboids .

Anonymous said...

I agree. I could care less about pot and honestly think they should legalize it. However, I agree that 9 times out of ten it is being sold by the same crack dealers that neighborhoods are trying to get rid of. So you buy yours from your "smoking" neighbor. Where you you think he gets it from.

Anonymous said...


Not from crack dealers.And you know you protest to much.

Which makes one wonder about your habits

Nastiness being one of them
makes you so attractive. NOT!

Cant you crawl back to where you came out of?

Can't we all just get along? said...

Damn. Okay this is getting out of hand. Everyone be at Henry Ola park at four twenty today. We need a group hug and a monster bong hit.

Anonymous said...

LOL thanks! Be there or B square!