Monday, September 18, 2006


You may have heard some rumors.

They are true.

Susan and I are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market and are looking to move to Lutz. We will be listing our house with Mike Massimini.

We are not moving away from Seminole Heights, instead we are moving closer to longstanding family friends who are getting older and with whom we want to spend more time. It was a difficult decision as we really like it here.

The blog will remain. I will continue on as the blog editor/publisher but will seek blog writers from Seminole Heights community.

I am thinking of getting representatives from each of the neighborhood/business associations so the official activities can continue to get placed on the blog. It will typically be the president of each association unless they want to designate someone else to be their blog writer. This would mean Sherry Genovar-Simons, Randy Baron, Gary Elsworth and Sherry Taylor King would be contributors if they accept. I am not entralled with the Seminole Heights Business Alliance and had considered not offering them a place. However, because I was impressed that Phil Meyers deigned to read and post comments on the blog, I am also going to include them by offering Phil a writers place.

However, what is the soul of the blog is not official activities but daily observations. For that I am seeking more writers, people who would like to share their thoughts with their neighbor. For this I need nominations. Do you know someone who would make a good blogger? Email me or post it on the blog. You can nominate yourself. I have a few criteria for the writers. One is that you can't be too extreme in your views or too controversial. Trolls need not apply. Other criteria may arise. I reserve the right to kick off a blog writer who becomes too problematic.

Treat this as a community trust.

Susan and I will stay on as writers emeriti.

I have already created a new blog for Lutz called "Word From Lutz"


Anonymous said...

We all came to you to vent our anger, praise good deeds, and to see the latest gossip.

CouldBeSherry said...

I can only hope, that somehow, the collection of people you are putting together can retain the flavor and topical content that we have come to expect from this blog. I believe your very unusual view of the world is responsible for it's success and I am not sure we can do it. This blog is a very special gift to our community, .......we are very lucky. Thank you Scott for our blog. We hope we do not dissappoint!

Lutz is gaining one of our best assets! Sad for us, great for them!

Anonymous said...

Since I work in the real estate related field, I know that, given current market conditions, you will not be leaving any time soon. We have been very fortunate to have had you on our team for the last few years. We are now unfortunate to be losing you. I am not sure how you and Susan are going to be able to adapt to the new suburban surroundings. Not too many free thinkers up there. Oh, well. All good things must come to an end. I can't help but think that there is some other reason behind this move. I also have friends/family that depend on my assistance, but that hasn't convinced me to sell my home in a down market and move away. C'mon, what's the deal here??

Anonymous said...

God help the trangendered prostitutes and sex offenders in Lutz!

Greg said...

Now I know why it was raining this morning when I got up. Bad news is always hard to take.

When you do move good luck in your new ventures.

(Aside to Mike - list high and don't put it in the MLS - that should fix their boat!)

Thanks for your efforts for all the hood!


Bloggerwife said...

We were hoping to start a movement and drag some of you Heightsians to the burbs with us! If not, we'll have to try to take the Spirit of Seminole Heights with us. What couldbesherry said about Scott's blog being irreplacable, is also true about the sense of community here.

And Greg, don't be giving tips to our realtor, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Is this a sell out?

Seminole Heights said...

I consider it missionary work. As Susan said bringing the Spirit Of Seminole Heights to the heathens. I am thinking of all sorts of ways of shaking things up there.

Anonymous said...

take a few of the hookers with ya - that will shake things up!

AngelSil said...

Sad news. This blog has certainly helped me feel more 'jacked in' to the community. The best of wishes with your move to Lutz.

Shake them up indeed!

Cpacific said...


your leaving? I just moved here and found this blog site..
How can you do that to us?

Gees. We all are nanners about you and this blog site

I love to come here and laugh and well become all emo too

You rule you know! I certainly pray someone will step up and do this site for us.
Seminole Heights will lose a great rule mon.

I will miss you although I havent met in person your very kind person and you have a delightful sense of humor

Your fan for sure


Anonymous said...

The house hits $300,000 and he's gone. This is a bad sign of things to come in Seminole Heights. What do you do when the king leaves? Beware all, your property values will now decrease! Leave now and follow the leader before it is too late.

curious george said... jealous?

Bungalowlady said...

No, No, NO!!!! You can't leave. We love your blog and you. You two are an asset to the 'hood. I hope your house never sells and then you'll have to stay. Besides you sold me some awesome furniture. Don't go!

Mike, listen to Greg!

Flyer anon said...

Remember that I was the only one to give a congrats on breaking 200,000 hits.