Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SESHCA nominations

From Sherry Simons"

I wanted to thank everyone in SESH that attended the Eat and Greet Meeting tonight. It was a great turn out with lots of new people. The nominations for board positions were opened and will remain open for a couple of weeks. If you have any nominations please feel free to make them by sending an email to We will contact all nominated members to make sure they will accept the nomination. Details on nomination and voting will be posted on www, on Wednesday afternoon. Please check in if you have any questions.

I also want to say a special thanks to the association's tireless volunteers who made tonight's meeting possible. Jennifer Zapasnik, Ellison Smith, Maria Garcia and Glen Cable. Great job guys! It was delicious and plentiful! Your the best!



Pacificurlz said...

How many made it there?
The weather here was horrid ...I just couldnt imagine going out there in that weather

so please those who attended tell us all the stuff?

Anonymous said...

Pacificurlz: you can't use the weather as an excuse BECAUSE the rain had let up by 7:00 p.m. and because the event was held indoors. We had about 60 people or so. About double our normal meeting size. The food was really good and we had a very good time. Maybe you can find an umbrella next time????

pacificurls said...

yes maybe I shall find one..I was tired as well I work outside all day long.
Im glad the dinner went well and
I am planning on attending the picnic in epps park?
Im not familiar is that down by the


Anonymous said...

I went to the meeting last night. Only have one question. Which one was Flyer Anon?

Flyer anon said...

The one that ate the most ribs.........?

Flyer anon said...

If a ‘hood' exists and there's no blog there to trumpet it, Will anyone hear it?

Flyer anon said...

Scott, Glad to see you doing the rational thing for your ilk.
I second your wife's plea to get as many of you to follow to the uncivilized hinterlands.
Love to see you ‘Shake em' up' up there. Can't wait to see the follow up stories about it in the paper.

Anonymous said...

Flyer Anon...did you really go?
Are you being sociable now?
We are a forgiving bunch if you sincerely want to kiss and make up.
We understand that everyone has a bug up their a$$ sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Flyer Anon did not attend the Eat and Greet. We alreay had enough "chicken" there.

Pacificurlz: Epps Park is on the banks of the Hillsborough River. I don't know the exact address, just know how to get there. Go to to find out more. Make sure to bring a "pot to piss in" as OSH did not make any arragements for restroom facilities. Was this just an oversight??? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Epps is at the end of Lambright. Ola is the corss street or rather it deadends into Lambright.

Pacificurls said...


ok..Shall bring apot to piss in

or I could just use the lawn service thing and clean up after myself .whichever .
I love I fly guy

Does he really eat alot?

I think he is handsome so hey
he can eat all the ribs he likes in mybook

I found ebbs park and thanks you all for responding
You know this is a wonderful thing here we have
to talk to each other and all and make light of life

I feel verrrrrry fortunate to be here and I am grateful for all of the kindness the people here have shown me and my new roomate

We love seminole heights......thanks for being good buds here ;-)

IFly said...

"Flyer anon" is referred to above. Though I do like ribs, he is not me. The flyer anon moniker stems from a threat he made in the comments quite a while back to develop a "flyer" with the names and addresses of people who reported code violations and pass those flyers along to those who were committing violations. Apparently it was meant to encourage retribution.

Anonymous said...

DAMN and I bet the fella I think is cute isnt available either

WELL is there ever a mixer for singles mean non gays
and dont get your wrist in a puff over that ..gees

forgive me i lost myself .