Saturday, September 30, 2006

Officers Down.......

Trust Fund For The Family Of Officer Matt Williams....

People wishing to make donations to the Matt Williams Family Trust Fund can do so in the following ways:
Go to any Wachovia Bank branch in Polk County and make a donation to the 'Matt Williams Family Trust Fund.'
Mail your donation check, made out to the 'Matt Williams Family Trust Fund,' to:
Wachovia Bank
c/o Marilyn Watson
203 Avenue A
Winter Haven, FL 33881


Anonymous said...

Does shooting an officer makes it okay for a swat team to all open fire on the individual and plant the dead officers gun on him?

Sounds like a Police State to me...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Better think twice before you shoot one of our baby's.
Our cops are our baby's.
You touch them..I will kill you myself boy.
Dont ever lay a hand on a SESH cop or the code lady.
You wont make it out of SESH alive.
And it aint gonna be the cops that get you.
And 68 bullets isnt gonna be the way you die either.
Straight up medieval torture.

CouldBeSherry said...

Regardless of what you think about the ending of the man who shot the cops and their canine, this family needs your prayers and help. Imagine, having your husband shot on your birthday. Every year you have a very, very sad reminder you cannot escape.

dog the bounty hunter said...

yes it give you the right to fill the fucker full of lead and leave him there for the ants to feast on.

Anonymous said...

nothing gives you that right.

too bad the cop got shot.

too bad the suspect got shot.

the cop's family will have plenty of support.

the point is, if we allow this kind of behavior to become the norm, we are on the path to tyranny. guilty until proven innocent?

Anonymous said...

How about this? None of you were there and who knows what really happened? We all have our suspicions and we will never know the truth, but considering that this guy chose to shoot first when initially confronted, it is a good guess he chose the same thing when cornered. I doubt he put his hands up.

jaded1 said...

Too bad? That's all you have to say?

Three children lost their father.

A woman lost her husband and the love of her life.

We have allowed the behavior of the illegal,violent, drug dealer to become the norm. Is that okay with you? would you rather live that way?

Not me or mine.

He chose his fate when he ran and when he shot that deputy, point blank range behind his ear. He ambushed him. Piece of shit got exactly what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

We need a bit more "guilty until proven innocent" we have become a society where there is not rights for the victims. Instead, the criminal has all the rights. They knew he was guilty...good riddance. The world is free of one less criminal. Eye for an Eye.

Anonymous said...

We need a bit more "guilty until proven innocent" we have become a society where there is not rights for the victims. Instead, the criminal has all the rights. They knew he was guilty...good riddance. The world is free of one less criminal. Eye for an Eye.

bring back dirty harry said...

"to bad the cop got shot"..?? I hearby find you guilty of being a dumbass and sentence you to a serious ass beating.

Anonymous said...

The cop didn't just "get shot". He was shot 8 TIMES!!!

Trollkiller said...

What kind of society do we live in
where a law enforcment officer and his murder become a debate about the wrong and right ?

The officer did his job.The stupid fool who shot the officers and his partner doesnt deserve to live

How can anyone throw doubt into this mess
He shot to kill them. He should not be spared any thing less
The criminal displayed a weapon
He lost his rights then!


Annymouse pain in the arse 4:am

Shut up and face the music

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:36am - On the path to tyranny? I vehemently disagree. It's the criminals that have been allowed to be tyrannical in our society for too long. 40 years ago, even the most hardened criminals wouldn't think of shooting a cop based on the ramifications. The fact that the actions of these brave police officers is even being debated tells me that we're in a much worse state of affairs on the other side of the spectrum than what you suggest.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 10:46am. We don't know what really happened. We were not there. Thats as far as I go.
You then jump to the assumtion that you know what happened?

I think that may have been the point of the "Guilty until proven innocent" comment. The officer may have been doing his job. The suspect may have acted illegally. It may be the other way around. The point is, he never had his day in court for that to be decided. We just have the word of several individuals with badges telling us what happened.

Not having doubt makes us ignorant. I would rather ask the questions to search for truth, regardless of the harassment of sheeple following the shepard of the machine.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10:08pm:

first, look up the word tyranny. i think you are confused.

second, cops have been getting killed since there have been cops.

lastly, who created these criminals? these drug lords? where do the drugs come from?

all these answers can be found by researching the past behaviors of the DEA, CIA and our government for starters. look it up...

sounds like the correct definition of tyranny to me...

wake up before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Question: How many cop killers ever make it to the stand?


Just maybe you could consider what Law Enforcment does for you each day and night. If you cannot respect the work they do. Get off your whining ass and do something yourself.

Take a ride along.Find an officer of the area and ask them>?
I feel sorry for you.

jaded1 said...

Anon 12:53
Florida executed a cop killer last week. He had been on death row for 20 plus years.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting to see this conversation.

One side questioning the facts.

The other side accepting the official story, and attacking the questioners.

Democracy is freedom to dissent without fear of relaliation.

Anonymous said...