Friday, September 29, 2006

The Great Restaurant Mystery!

Near the end of council session last night, a number was called, and an address listed. It was on Nebraska, in the 6000 block. The petition was for some variances for a planned restaurant. The lot had been before Council sometime ago for variances for a car wash, but because of a protected tree in the center of the lot, it had been turned down. The restaurant idea, now before the council was to be built in a manner which would save the tree. Various staff stated their support and minor objections. One of the objections had to do with the parking arrangement which was, I believe, designed around the tree. As the address is in Seminole Heights and we all know how much we need good restaurants, my interest was definitely peaked! I listened to Staff
and waited anxiously to hear who this person was who wanted to do this wonderful thing in the heights, and what kind of restaurant would it be? Staff had none of these details. Then they called the petitioner. Then they called him again. He was not there! It was an illusion. I felt set up. How could they do this to me? To us?
Council, based on the fact that SH needs this type of business so badly, continued it to January, giving the petitioner another chance. So, now my fellow detectives, who knows who this petitioner is? Is he real? What is the planned restaurant all about? Will the petitioner make the January council session? Anyone got a clue?


Rick F. said...

I would really like to know as well. Real estate is slow. The resturant would be at the property where my billboard is. A nice busy resturant could be helpful.

We could only wish for a nice resturant that we could walk to without crossing a major road.

Anonymous said...

I would give several of the toes on my left foot for a sushi resturant.

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

I'm drawing a blank on the guy's name, but he did show up to OSHNA's board meeting one night and explain his project.

It is supposed to be a sports bar/restaraunt style business. It has generated a lot of positive response from the neighborhood. In addition, he owns the residential lot at the back of the property and is going to build and live there.

The problem is, he really hasn't been *doing* much. Not showing up to a hearing isn't that surprising. Because of this, while it may be premature of me, I've pretty much given up hope.

jaded1 said...

Anon 8:02, I'm with you. Or maybe a nice Thai resturant would be most excellent.

CouldBeSherry said...

You are right about the residential lot to the rear. It was not mentioned what he was going to do with it, but council definitely wanted it to remain residential.

Pattipiggalotta said...

where exactly is this restaraunt going to be at?

How about some southern home cooking , this city has a tonage of eastern style foods.
How about some place where one can dine on chicken and dumplings
american foodage?

Greg (but not this one) said...

it is the vacant lot at the cornerof North st and Neb (east side) Just south of the Swan Motel.

It is a guy from NY state - I am remembering Greg ???

Helen said...

I believe his name is Greg Smith. He attended an OSHNA Board meeting about 10 months ago to discuss a sports bar and grill at the location mentioned in the previous post. We'll see what happens.