Saturday, September 23, 2006

More on Names

One of the businesses in Seminole Heights whose name I really like is "Fly By Night" screenprinting.

I like the pun with Owl Graphics (The owner is Ken Wise)

Any other interesting business names?


Anonymous said...

Flyer Anon,,,,,,,,,,wow the host thinks your clever. He can't be too bad then huh?

Flyer anon said...

Owl Graphics isn't a pun. "To pun is to treat homonyms as synonyms". Just an association for a visual connection.

Flyer anon said...

Actually homage to my moms lost owl collection.

As for the choice of name, here's the story behind it.
Years ago when I was a kid my mom made friends w/a women whose husband worked for a egg place. This person collected egg stuff so my mom started collecting owls and they'd give each other egg/owls for presents and other friends of hers started giving her owls also. My mom ended up w/A LOT of owls.

One day my dad overheard her talking to a friend about how she couldn't wait till he finished redoing the florida room so she could put her owl collection in it. Needless to say all work on the room stopped.. My mom being a Lombardero, and not a Wise while growing up didn't have to endure all the variations of jabs associated w/the name.

A few years later my mom took her bugging of my dad about completion of the room to a head. He related the conversation he overheard and told her how much he didn't like owls, telling her she could keep one for each room but the rest had to go. (Betcha' can guess what me and my brother were giving ppl for presents for years to come).

So to pay homage to my mom and her lost owl collection I used the name ‘Owl Graphics'.
End the end she got back at him by doing the house in wall to wall flower motifs. That is until I started giving her my marbled sculptures and canvases that even I get sick of looking at when I go over.

Anonymous said...

Must be a RUSH fan!

Anonymous said...

I like Sofa King. Their prices are Sofa King low.

Anonymous said...
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Bloggerwife said...

What a great story. Do you use the owl in a logo or sign? Seems like it could be interesting imagery.

Resident Blogger said...

Well Flyer that was a darn funny story. More so because I imagine it is true.

I feel the common ground shaking beneith our feet right now!

Resident Blogger said...

man the typing sucks to day, try "beneath"