Saturday, September 16, 2006

The wrong way to deal with the problem

"Tampa Police Arrest Man for Impersonating a Police Officer

Tampa, FL September 13, 2006 -

Location: Nebraska Av N / Osborne Av E

Victim: B/M, Timothy Franklin, DOB: 05/21/84, 7212 E 96th Ave, Gainesville, Fl

Suspect: W/M, Ryan Bargeron, DOB: 01/31/88, 811 E Chelsea St, Tampa, Fl 33603

Charges: Impersonating a Police Officer

Tampa Police Officers arrested a man for Impersonating a Police Officer after he approached the victim and identified himself as a police officer. On 09/13/06 at 12:05 AM, the victim was dressed as a woman and walking along Nebraska Ave with another male friend who was also dressed as a woman. Ryan Bargeron approached the victim on a bicycle that had red/blue flashing lights and demanded that Franklin produce identification. Franklin was suspicious of Bargeron and asked to see his official police credentials. Bargeron refused and raised his shirt and showed them the butt of a handgun. The victims fled and waved down Officer Nathan Jamison who was on patrol. Officer Nathan Jamison got a description and began searching the area. He quickly found the suspect a couple blocks away and detained him. Officer Jamison interviewed Bargeron and found a small pistol hidden in some bushes next to Bargeron. The victim was brought to the scene and identified the gun and Bargeron as the police impersonator. When Bargeron was arrested, officers found the red/blue lights. The handgun turned out to be a plastic BB gun. Bargeron was taken to the Hillsborough County Jail. "


Anonymous said...

and the hookers continued on down the street plying their "wares". If the hookers weren't out there then this bozo would not have taken the "opportunity"

Anonymous said...

Isnt this the second incident of
a man pretending to be law enforcment in this area?

What gives>?

Anonymous said...

btw.If hookers are out there

it is because there seems to be clients for them

You cannot honestly tell me that there "are"not men in this area who utiilize those women and well she males for service

The "johns",do you all belive that they drive all the way down from Lutz or from Carrollwood to use them for sex?

I wonder.

jaded1 said...

Absolutely, they drive from Lutz and Carrollwood. A couple of years ago, when the problem was really bad, they would park in my driveway and wait for them to walk down from the motel. These men drove nice cars, were generally white, middle class. They had school stickers on the vehicles from carrollwood, Essrig, Gaither etc. Do you think that men who frequent strip clubs don't drive from other places?

IFly said...

One way to help is to make it a one-click process on the SO or TPD website to see a list of all the "johns" arrested in the area. It would certainly make them think a little more before doing it.

Resident Blogger said...

There are clients for them because it is known throughout the entire US to people who want to know, that Nebraska is the place to go. And I don't mean the state!

There are websites which cater to these johns who visit Nebraska and Hillsborough Ave when they come in from out of town. They post their stories, comments and pictures of the places and the girls.

I can tell you that few,if any of these guys live in our neighborhood. Dogs rarely poop where they eat,,,,,,,,,same principal.

Anonymous said...

....and if you will note the "victim" was a black transvestite from Gainsville!! This is a disturbing trend that is beginning to reappear. There were several arrests from early Hooker Patrol years with the transvestites and police stated they come in from Orlando, St Pete, Gainsville and Ocala to work. One of them arrested was a manager from Mc D's who came down from Ocala on the weekends to earn extra money - and drove a late model Lexus by the way.

As much as Nebraska is know for hookers it is know by the Trannys as an area to make money down by the V-Save - if that's what you are looking for.

And while you sleep the trannys play in your backyard!! So put your blinders on and pretend there is nothing going on on Nebraska - it ain't Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

do you want a list of the out of state tags seen cruising Nebraska Ave after midnight looking for hookers - it's obvious when you see the same car driving up and down Nebraska for 1 -2 hours - they ain't lost!

isleepintheday said...

I havent ever seen patrol squad

Do you all do this here ?

Can anyone be a part of it? I am interested in this primarily for a socialogy course.

sorry Im pretty tired.
Is there some where on this "Blog"
I can connect up with the "squad"

Thank You
Sleeper in the day

CouldBeSherry said...

There is a vehicle patrol. They are out late at night and early in the morning. If you are interested in participating, please email and someone will contact you.


Helen said...

If you live in Old Seminole Heights you can contact to participate in Hooker Patrol.

hannaavesassygirl said...

Thanks I sent an email to grid59nw

hope to hear from them
hooker patrol sounds interesting to me


starch said...

I've heard you guys talk about hooker patrol before but what do you guys do while on patrol? Obviously go after the hookers but i mean do you harass them or just call the cops if you seem them in action? Also are the police for or against the hooker patrol? Meaning do they see you as a helpful group or the neighbors that get in the way of the police? It sounds like it could be entertaining and fun.

Anonymous said...

hooker patrol is cheap entertainment! it can be funny at times just to see the outfits they wear but most of the time it's a very interesting lesson in human behavior. you would be amazed at how long one john will circle the 'hood for a pro. i can never tell if they are looking for the "right" one, working up the nerve or trying to figure out if they are cops. i have seen some crazy sh*t while patrolling. the hookers used to be VERY confrontational and after awhile (and a few arrests) they were less so. tpd is usually very accomodating to us though we've had problems along the way. for the most part they understand what we are trying to do. every hooker patrol unit does things different in terms of dealing with the hookers...depending on the number of them, the behavior of the johns, the neighborhood traffic, etc. we typically try to shine a flashlight on them while they're on a corner in an effort to let them know we see them and to discourage johns from stopping. obviously this does not stop all activity but it does deter a lot of business which usually makes the "girls" mad and lippy. they say some of the most unladylike things. :)

unsureiwontbehitonblog said...


o for sure... Do you all know if I need a cellphone to have with
I HATE the thing but I will use it if its part of ho patrol

Like some one here who posted I find this to be a interesting part of human behavior
I mean not only about the hookers but about the men who utilize hookers men who are in relationships and married or what have you amazes me that a man would pay someone who looks diseased and ill provide oral sex?
what gives? Seem so disgusting because those women and men out there are so far from clean they all should be given pig pen wear
what kind of a man would allow someone like that to suck on him?>

just curious