Sunday, September 17, 2006

Eat and Greet Meeting

September 19th Southeast Seminole Heights General Membership Meeting
7:00 PM
Seminole Heights Church
Fellowship Hall
SW corner of Hillsborough and Nebraska

Eat and Greet Meeting

This year, your Southeast Seminole Heights Civic Association is hosting a Greet and Eat Meeting for it’s September General Membership Meeting. No speakers, just food, and meeting your neighbors.

Come hungry as we are having Bar-B-Que with all the trimmings! While your eating, spend some time speaking with all your neighbors, as it is time for board nominations.

The present board will be there and you can ask questions about the various positions to see if you might want to run for an office, or nominate someone you know has just the right talents. If you have not met your board it is also a good time to find out what they areall about, in case you want to nominate one of them to run again.

.......This is one meeting you should not miss...good food and a chance to pick the slate of candidates to run your association.


Flyer anon said...

Who's paying for the BBQ?

CouldBeSherry said...

The Association and volunteers. It our intention to us a small portion of our profits from the Home Tour to foster a community spirit by hosting various events which bring neighbors together.

Other events were the Ice Cream Social as well as the upcoming Plant Exchange and the Gidden's Dog Day In The Park.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I know several of our neighbors worked for many months to pull off the past two successful home tours. It was amazing to come out the gate with the kind of attendence our "new" tour was able to achieve. What a great way to spend very little of the money to reward the hard work and hopefully get more people out to the meetings. I have heard on numerous occassions that SESH has one of the best home tours in the area. Great Job and Thanks for the Food!

porkiepiglet said...


free bbque...for living in the best area of this city

yeeeeeeeeehaw! Old seminole heights rules

Flyer anon said...

I've always said that if the Palestinians and Israelis could just get together for a BBQ of pork ribs there would be peace in the Middle East. Also, Wholly Smokes is one of the best in town.

Anonymous said...

Flyer Anon..
Are you calling for a truce?

Flyer anon said...

Gee, I don't know.
It's not like we're talkin' fresh spinach salads here.
Wholly Smokes is the only BBQ place that stayed good after change of ownership. They used to be Big Bill's.
B's down in Ybor stunk after they changed, same with Moses White's when he died and the kids took over.
Some of the best is when little churches around here do it for fund-raising.

Is there a limit on the ribs? Do you have to be a paid member of the Assc.?

CouldBeSherry said...

Other than our invited guests, this Bar-b-que is for paid members or those who join at the meeting. This is a regular General Membership meeting. Just a more casual one! It is paid for by membership funds.

See you all there....the rights and the lefts! Time for some good food and interesting talk,,,,,,,,,face to face!

Anonymous said...

Come on there Flyer Anon.
Its time to make peace with the neighborhood.
Time to put aside your anger and work towards a positive goal.
We could always use the help in the assiciation we will just have to redirect your energy thats all.

Anonymous said...

We're new Hampton Terrace residents. See you there - what is the membersip fee and are checks accepted/payable to whom?

Flyer anon said...

You never said how many ribs we get to eat.

Greg in hampton Terrace said...

Anon 10:36

I think it is really for SESH residents but I wonder if you can be a member of their association yet not reside there?

Try joining the OSH neighborhood association - while no pork BBQ on the horizon I know there is a planned picnic for Sunday the 24th

Bradpittlicker said...

Okay I am still confuzzled

If we arent association folks

we dont get ribs or bbque
if we are wearing seminole heights tshirts and or can provide an address listed in this area
we are in ??

its raining and my roomie made chicken italiano
and Im wet from work outside
also Im hunting down a desktop
pic of Brad Pitt,would love to lick that man's ribs
So perhaps I shall pass on the bbqu until I posses a tshirt from the heights

sign me lustful