Thursday, September 28, 2006

Good Bye Old Friend!

From an email...........

After 5 years of living in Lake Roberta, our friend the alligator has passed away. Some surveyors noticed him floating close to the embankment early Wednesday morning and pulled him out of the water. The cause of his death is unknown.

He lived a peaceful life in our lake. Occasionally dining on ducks, he mostly ate the marine toads, keeping their population, over the last few years, to a more manageable size. I’m sure we can expect to see a large toad population in the Spring.

In case you were wondering, he grew to a healthy size of 6’ 8”.

- Helen Harmon


Anonymous said...

WOW! he sure was a big boy.
Aw and Im sad he did pass on.

Poor gator.

CouldBeSherry said...

The St Pete times will be doing an OBIT on him. Kind of a nice tribute!

CPacific said...

Ms Sherry!

Ya kidding? Tomarrow's

aw how cute.

I have the two bunnies from Lake Roberta .

They are doing so good. I love them ! They have full run of my back yard and deck and acually the rabbits run the hood all night but return first thing in the morning to my back steps
they are soooooooo cute!
I named them Lilreba and Big red!

Bloggerwife said...

Thanks for giving those rascals a home!

CPACIFIC said...

Lol Yes..they are rascals.But the neighbors say they love to see them hanging out in their yards.

Tis cute.The girl bunnie is over this morning in cute crissy's yard
Crissy is a cute lil gal who bought her house this summer.
She is learning the realestate buisnness as well as a nail tech , and is sweet kid

The other neighbors often ask me how they get home I say on their lucky rabbit feet

I am sad to see the alligator pass on
He/she seems young I thought alligators lived long times?

Anonymous said...

Incredible! The link is very incrediable!

Amazing what a LOT of money can do for someone!

still grosses me totally!

CPacific said...

Ms Harmon

I saw the article on the gator
in the news page the link goes to


Anonymous said...

Link, what link?

Helen said...

The story will appear in the City Times section of Friday's St. Pete Times.