Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dead Guy? Sleeping Guy? Drunk Guy?

so I am driving up Taliafero on Tuesday, taking a tangential drive as I come home to see what the election scene looks like at the Seminole Heights Baptist Church. At Taliafero and Conover, I spot a body, face down the side yard, not moving. Hmmm what do we have here? Dead guy? Sleeping Guy? Or Passed out Drunk Guy? Maybe the quart bottle of beer, sitting up within arms reach migh give me a clue. So I call TPD who transfers me to EMS. They ask me a bunch of questions that basically boiled down to "Do you think he is dead or alive?" I did not know, but I pointed out the quart beer bottle to them.

Later I am stuck in traffic on Nebraksa and I see a man wearing the same clothing and hair walking up Nebraska from Conover area, and across into the garage at Giddens and Nebraska. Swaying the entire way. Aaah the answer. Drunk.


IFly said...

We used to frequent the Village Inn near Kennedy and Dale Mabry. There in front of the Leather Express store we saw a rather large unkempt fellow flat on his back sprawled out in front of the door. Looked more dead than asleep, as couldn't imagine anyone sleeping on concrete in that position. There were two TPD officers in the parking lot of Village Inn and we mentioned it to them. He wasn't dead, he was a homeless fellow asleep. I guess he's a regular in the area.

Anonymous said...

We used to date, but he chose the bottle over my love