Friday, September 08, 2006

Call For Political Candidates

The Seminole Heights Blog is issuing a call for political candidates to submit an " (Insert Name Here) Speaks To Seminole Heights".

This is the opportunity to speak directly to the Seminole Heights community, the largest and most well organized neighborhood area in the City of Tampa.

Applicants must be candidates for any federal, state or local political office in the November 2007 general election that includes all or any part of the Seminole Heights area.

The basic question to be answered is "Why specifically should Seminole Heights residents vote for you?"

Bear in mind that readers will deduct credibility for pablum, plagiarism and canned text.

An effective sample is Chloe Speaks to Seminole Heights.

Email your response and it will be placed on the blog as submitted. Comments will be made by readers.

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