Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Election Returns

Rose Ferlita handily wipes the floor with Brad"Pinocchio" Swanson. 53.7% to 37.07%

According to the Tribune April Griffin is in a runoff with Ken Allen 32.25% to 36.35%

Kevin White win over Chloe Coney with 46.39% to 42. 02% Dorothy Admire drew 11.59% of the vote.

Tampa Heights resident Betsy Hapner (and frequent Seminole Heights home tours visitor) is in a runoff for Circuit Judge.


Bungalowlady said...

Betsy Hapner was a judge once before. She was removed from her position by the JQC. I can't believe people actually voted for her. If you have any involvement with the legal community you will know that the whole legal community is up in arms that someone who has been removed from the bench might be re-elected to the bench. Kinda screams of Mayor Barry in D.C. but at a lower level.

Anonymous said...

It actually speaks to the very poor candidate selection that we had. An old guy who can only serve one term, a former judge who was thrown off the bench, a communist lesbian abortion feminist activist who is so far left that she is going to fall off the edge of the earth and another ethical crack pot who is dilusional about his place in life. Maybe Hapner just didn't seem so bad compared to her competition!!

Anonymous said...

White must stay free of Hughes' influence.

caroline j. tesche, esq. said...

Fortunately, in any courtroom in America the 'accused' always has the constututional right to confront his or her 'accuser'. Anonyminity is the sign of cowardace and the mark of a person who is not truly sure of their position. Your remarks barely dignify this limited response.

Anonymous said...

Anonyminity is actually not a word. You really should let your assistant proof read your posts, "esquire". However, anonymity happens to be the reason this blog, and so many other internet sites, are so successful. This is not a court room. On here, anonymity gives us the freedom to express ourselves without the possibility of unjust retaliation from bitter neighbors or egotistical lawyers.