Wednesday, September 06, 2006

KRT for sale

An email:

"I heard a rumor and called to confirm that this place is up for sale.
KRT Enterprises Inc
5126 N Florida Ave, Tampa , FL
(813) 239-2117

It’s a cabinet business. I first heard they were looking for a restaurant to fill the space, but after calling the owner (and confirming “for sale” status) she told me that the most interested party they have is a Flooring Store. Boooooo ….

HEY – and what’s up to the Flooring store that just went out of business on Florida Ave. (just south of Sherry’s)? They are constructing a big chain link fence on the adjacent property. I certainly hope that’s a sign of new construction and will not be a permanent decoration to an area that’s striving to put the kibosh on these types of fences on major road arteries."

I believe the flooring place is new location for SHIP - Senior Home Improvement Program


Anonymous said...

A restaurant is a great idea but the place has very little parking through a very inaccessible alley....

Anonymous said...

The flooring business did not go out of business - they have changed to a wholesale business and did not have the need for a retail location - they are in a warehouse now.

The problem with the business parcels along Fla and Neb is the lack of parking regardless of the business there. This issue will never change and major positive changes along our major streets will not happen until we have a shared parking location or HEAVEN FORBID parking on the curb after 7 pm. I have seen it work in many cities with a much more dense urban core than Tampa will ever even dream of having and the people figured it out- if there is a car parked in the street - change lanes - it's that basic.

Bungalowlady said...

At City Council this AM a workshop on parking issues was set up for Nov 1 at 1:30 in the mascot room. The Mascot Room is on the 1st Floor of the City Council Chambers building. If you have parking issues that relate to either the residential or commercial corridors maybe you should go. One of the topics that instigated this was the problems you just mented Anon 9:04.