Monday, September 25, 2006

Photo shoot

As I sit here blogging, my picture is being taken by Justin of the St. Pete Times for an article Alexandra Zayas is writing on blogs connecting communities. The article is to come out Friday in the City Times section.

Have you looked at portrait photos in newspapers closely? Very rarely in a feature type story do they take standard head shots. To make things more interesting they use different angles and perspectives. He took some very tight closeups of my face to show the reflection of the computers screen on the glasses. He did some half light shots with me standing by the window and part of my face in shadow. A few shots into our mirror, with the reflection of me sitting in my Lazy Boy, typing away. He brought in a stepladder and had me stretch full out on the writing on the blog. It is the funniest photo of the bunch. You would be surprised as to how much work goes into getting good portrait shots. Anyone can take a boring full face shot. It takes an artist get more out of the picture.

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