Friday, September 29, 2006

Assault on Dog

From Glenn on the SESHCA email group:

"This morning I got up just before 6:00 and headed to Nicko's. I let my 11 month old boxer/lab mix out of her crate and into the stockaded back yard on McBerry. When I returned from breakfast and a run I found her trembling on the back porch with huge gashes on her head. I thought she got hurt under the house or trying to get out or some other puppy antics. Then I noticed drips of blood and a small dried pool around the bloody shape of a key. The drops were outside the gate and down the drive.

The officer who came said that dogs have been reported stolen/missing lately for fights or whatever. Chelsea runs with me and is a big strong dog. I don't know if she thwarted a break in or a dog knapping but whoever left was clearly bleeding. There were no signs of attempted entry. After beating her probably with a hand full of keys or whatever she fought back. So this weekend the gates get padlocks and perhaps a camera gets added to the security system. She get neosporin and a steak.

Are other dogs missing?"


jaded1 said...

I hope Chelsea recovers. Someone did the same thing to my big dog about 3 years ago. They beat him pretty badly inside my fenced yard. I have really been hoping they would come back, so we could have a civics lesson on Second Amendment rights. You have to figure, people who would do this sort of thing to someone's pet would also do it to children.

Anonymous said...

"The officer who came said that dogs have been reported stolen/missing lately for fights or whatever."

In Seminole Heights or Tampa in general?

Sorry to hear about your dog.

Bloggerwife said...

What an awful experience for you and the dog. We'll have to give Chelsea extra loving when we see you together, so she won't think all humans are bad. I'm so glad she won that battle!

We don't leave our dogs out unless we're home, but I sure will be keeping a better eye on Ella even when we are home.

cpacific said...

Is that report from the officer
about the area ?
OR just Tampa?

Fighting dogs? Do you mean as in
the dogs fight one another?

Omgod! Where did that come from?

So is this a common thing here in this city ?

jaded1 said...

Welcome to Florida.

cpacific said...

Hi ms jaded1
I spoke to someone in L.E.
He says it is common problem

Usually seen more often out in the counties,b/c not enough law enforcement out there to keep up .

Stated this is a problem in several counties in Fl.
not totally a florida thing tho

seems its common in Texas as well as South American countries too

Sad how some value a pet and some do not have any sense of value and what a dog is truely about.

thanks for comment jade.

Resident Blogger said...

Some information here.his is not only about Florida and most certainly not only about Tampa. Dog fighting and cock fighting is in every state in the United States. It is in the out areas and in the inner city. A lot of money changes hands in these fights.

It is also not about a lack of law inforcement but rather about the undergrond nature of the fights and the people who host and attend them. No one talks.

So before you think we live in some sort of lawless area prone to fighting dogs, and rampant dog theives beware it goes on everywhere.

Anonymous said...

They fight here all the time.
Animal control will enforce that but you have to give them detailed info if you see anything suspicious.
Exercising the dogs on treadmills, wounds on the dogs, who is involved.
Just like the police need detailed info.
And you have to follow up on the case.

amarathonguy said...

I would love to know if the ER's had anyone come in with a suspicious wound. Whoever it was closed the gate...probably to get away from the dog. I wish I had gotten home a bit quicker.

Yes, the officer talked about a great deal of dog fighting in the area and the link it has with excons.


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Chelsea, Glenn. I just moved into the SESH area with my pup. I've had 1 issue at the Giddens Dog Park and I know you have too. I hope Chelsea is okay and lets catch these people. I can't believe someone would be that ignorant to do such a thing.

ConcernedAnimalLover said...

Glenn,Anon: What type of incidents have their been at Giddens Park??