Sunday, September 03, 2006

Nomadic Chef Speaks to Seminole Heights

"I have recently discovered that one of my clients
kindly posted information about my personal chef
services. I wish to introduce myself to Seminole
Heights bloggers and beyond:

The Nomadic Chef
Andrea Dudley

My personal chef service is designed to help anyone
who finds it difficult to eat well on a regular basis.
Seminole Heights residences are particularly
challenged because of the current limited delivery and
take out options.

All that is required is 5 minutes to fill out food
questionnaire to give me parameters for menu creation
and I do the rest. Wether on a weekly, bi-weekly, or
monthly basis, it really is affordable.

I cook for all kinds of people: singles, couples,
families, and expecting mothers. Please feel free to
contact me for free consult. Thanks Bunches for
allowing me the space to get the word out... and many
more thanks to Ginny Powell for her generous posting.

I look forward to cooking for you soon !!

Sincerely, Andrea Dudley"


foodjunkie'sroomate said...

looking for any decent help ?

sounds wonderful ......i hope you do well here in this area
seems to me alot of folks here work alot of hours
Im disabled
But your service sounds great

Best to you.....

Anonymous said...




mightbeMIKE said...

I met Andrea over at Sherry's yesterday. Seems very friendly and pleasant and eager to get things going. I already have some people who I am going to give her card to. Lots of great luck!!

Anonymous said...

I am now a client.
Restaurant quality food and very reasonable.
No more buying groceries and killing myself to eat.
She does everything for you.

jane foster said...

Andrea is great! I have known her and her love of cooking for a very long time. When she comes home to Louisiana I have her cook for us...I have yet to find a better service.