Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kevin's facts

In today's Tribune:

Ad Watch: Kevin White

Kevin's newest ad and a supporter's comment on the blog lamblast Chloe Coney's accomplishments for East Tampa.

The Trib reviews his facts.

"He also discusses how . . . a market, has become a haven for drug dealers. . . a laundry, can't keep tenants and is for sale. A third, the Audrey L. Spotford Youth & Family Center, was on the verge of bankruptcy because of mismanagement, he said. He also claims that the Spotford building received a subsidy.

Fact check: The farmers market is near Lake Avenue and 29th Street, which had been a major drug haven as recently as three years ago, Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said.

White, a former Tampa police officer, said he has watched drug deals take place at the market. But McElroy said the market and surrounding area are a source of pride for Tampa police. (Did Kevin report the activity to TPD? As the City Councilmember for that area who suspected drug activity at that location did he push to get it dealt with?)

"We don't have any drug complaints there," she said. "In the last three years, we have really cleaned that up. We don't have any complaints. We don't have any drug activity at that location."

The Nehemiah Coin Laundry is for sale, but it hasn't had issues keeping tenants. Toni Watts, who replaced Coney as head of the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa Inc., said the CDC has owned the property since 1999 and has operated it since then. The property has been for sale since 2004.

When White referred to a subsidy for the Spotford building, he was speaking of money the Tampa City Council and Hillsborough County Commission provided in late 2005 to the Youth Opportunity Movement of Tampa, a program the CDC runs at the center.

The education and mentoring program, also known as Yo!, lost its federal funding and was preparing to close. The city and county allocated money to keep it open, at Coney's request, in memory of three participants who were killed in a car accident."

In City Council did Kevin White support this funding? If he has concerns of mismanagement did he bring it up then? If I get a chance I will review the City Council transcripts to see what he said.

Update. I did. he was the chair of the Finannce Committee that proposed the funding;

6/30/05 City Council Meeting:
>>MARY ALVAREZ: I forgot. I had something else. I don't
know whether you-all had seen it, but there was an article that
came in through the Internet where it's called "Two Grants Dry Up,
At-Risk Youth Might Lose." It's based on the nonprofit
organizations in East Tampa where the grants from the neighborhood
department they funded the youth movement known as YO and the
other is grant from financial service company CapitalOne that
supported the afterschool learning program in the East Tampa
Learning Center.
To me I think that's a travesty when you have at-risk youths
and you have a labor department that are drying up grants to help
these children. I don't know what we can do about it, but I
certainly want to take a stand here and say this is not the thing
to do. Because you've got kids that are at risk, and they start
at quite an early age. And when you take away funding for a
program that is absolutely needed, it is incomprehensible to me
that something like that could really happen. So I don't know
what we can do about it by I certainly would like to like to ask
the administration to look night to see if we can't do some
funding for them.
Especially, one of these is Coney Coey ^ . You know how
hard she works in her area and for grants that she's worked so
hard for. To dry up is not a good thing. So I would like to make
a motion to have the administration to look into seeing if we can
do some funding for them.
(Seconded, carried.)

9/29/05 City Council meeting:

Finance Committee
Kevin White, Chair and Linda Saul-Sena, Vice-Chair
31. File No. B2005-2 Resolution making certain changes in the budget of the City of Tampa for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2005; approving the transfer, reallocation, and appropriation of $200,000 in the General Fund to other accounts within

>>KEVIN WHITE: I was distract add moment ago with Mr.
Daniels, and I failed to recognize in the audience Ms.
Clooney who is here in response to resolution 31, which
is under my committee.

And since we just moved these, for the listening
public, to read Watt says, it says red resolution
making the changes in the budget, City of Tampa fiscal
year ending September 30, 2005, approving the transfer,
reallocation of proposition of $200,000 in the General
Fund, said fund for nondepartmental youth opportunity
This was an organization that is located in East Tampa,
that Ms. Chloe coney runs, and budget approximately
$400,000 a year.
Last Wednesday the county commission agreed to match
that $200,000 with the City of Tampa in a partnership,
because they realized the impact that her organization
was making in the lives of youth in East Tampa.
You may also remember a few weeks ago the three young
ladies that were tragically killed in an accident on
the way back to college up in Tallahassee, all three of
those young ladies were scholars and A-plus students
and they graduated from this youth opportunity program
and were part of that.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I never bought a car from him.

Flyer anon said...

Lets see,
You've got Kevin who you TOTALLY pissed off , and will probably win.
And Chloe that has her own core constituency which you ain't.
Best look to the council races cause you won't get help here.

Flyer anon said...

I ain't the brightest guy on the planet but I leaned early in life to always proceed any criticism w/a complement.
Even on so simple as "I like your tie".
You don't think the ppl that will be in office tomorrow read this blog today?
Payback can be a MF.

Yes, Before you go there.
My posts here aren't criticisms but comments. I have no intentions of wanting/getting anything from your Ilk..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be some sort of threat??? That is very FUNNY!!

Anonymous said...

Whomever taught you that is partly responsible for your lot in life. I wouldn't be showering them with thanks if I were you. To follow a compliment with a criticism teaches people to shut you off. It's hard to discern your sincerity, when you do manage to say something nice(?).

Anonymous said...

lol isnt very adult of any of you

lol but funny never the less

did your mom teach you insults work?
i concur what you say today
may not be how you wish to be remembered for tomarrow

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Check out and select "Hillsborough." Mr. White didn't even see fit to respond to Equality Florida's survey, despite the fact taht he wants to represent Seminole Heights and Tampa Heights, areas with a strong gay population. Chloe Coney, on the other hand, did respond and she understands the community that she desires to represent.

Kevin White has proven himself to be a corrupt man with the suit scandal. How many other acts of corruption did he get away with while a member of City Council. Make your voice heard tomorrow: vote against corruption and vote against those who are not for equality for everyone.

Anonymous said...

do you need boxes???

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:51: This only goes to show that you still continue to blame Mr. White's problems on everyone except Kevin himself. It is not the Seminole Heights neighbors that lied about the suits, nor did they lie to the public about his endoresments. They didn't try to use their "connections" to make a traffic ticket disappear. Even Chief Hogue found this behavior to be questionable from an ethical stand point. THE ONLY PERSON TO BLAME HER FOR ANY KEVIN WHITE "BASHING" IS KEVIN WHITE HIMSELF!!!!! Sorry, but that is the truth.

Anonymous said...

So a coin laundry is considered economic development?

Boy, I sure hope Coney can bring that sort of investment to Seminole Heights.

Anonymous said...

Petty minds say petty things. You may not like Chloe, and your entitled. However, to make the laundromat comments only proves you are clueless and sophomoric. The level and type of accomplishment will be according to the requirements. When Chloe was working with east Tampa, and the KIDS, her focus was local, and personal. Given the type of individual she is, I would expect her to use this same kind of energy and integrity to work on larger issues representing her entire constituency.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Kevin can use the special interest money that is burning holes in his expensive pockets to buy ads slinging mud at Coney. And it's ok to throw in a White lie or two. But it is "bashing" when someone confronts Kevin about his libelous remarks.

Anonymous said...

Good old I was waiting at my polling place this morning (American Legion at Sligh & Florida), into the parking lot rolls the Kevin White van. With big Kevin White stickers on all sides. The door opens and out pops several Kevin White "workers", complete with signs, who walked through the parking lot directly in front of those of us in line. These are clearling polling place violations, and I advised the pollworker at the door that the van and people had to leave the parking lot. Now, technically, it was a couple minutes before the polls opened, so, maybe the "buffer" rule was not yet in effect, although there were people in line. But best case for Kevin is that he is splitting hairs. Worst case is that it didn't take him long to violate another election law. Also, when I was leaving, one of the sign holders was still in the parking lot, although closer to the border.