Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Randy Runs

In the papers (Trib and Times), it was announced that Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association Randy Baron will be running for the City Council seat (District 1) currenty held by Gwen "see nothing, say nothing, do nothing" Miller.

Gwen Miller is most noted when she was District 5 council member representing SE Seminole Heights for only coming around during campaign season. Otherwise she neglected us.

Randy is following inthe tradition started by Rose Ferlita, as she was the president of SE Seminole Heights Civic Association before she ran for City Council.

Go Randy!

Additionally, for those who want to be a City Council person for a few months without the expense and effort of campaining, the deadline to apply as a fill-in City Council person for Kevin White's District 5 and Rose Ferlita's District 2 is November 15. Fill out the application.


IFly said...

I know at least two votes Randy can count on.

Anonymous said...

My family is in for two votes as well.

Anonymous said...

Randy - you have my vote and will gladly assist. I liked the way you conducted yourself when I "crashed" a meeting pre-Starbucks. sharlene lindsey

Jay McGee said...

Huh? Randy -- you have my vote, but is this for the upcoming election, Nov. 7, or something in the future?

I read the article and I'm still confused. Guess I need to do some learnin in regards to local politics.

IFly said...

I believe City Council and Mayoral elections will be in March.

Anonymous said...

Yippeee... this is our chance to kick out Gwen and Mayor Iorio. Lets finally get some leadership in the city of Tampa.

Chair said...

If you want to increase Seminole Heights's power, make sure to turn out strong for April Griffin on Tuesday, Nov 7. and elect her to the School Board.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Randy if and only if he is a member of Gregg's hooker patrol. Is he?

Anonymous said...

he has been on patrol!

Anonymous said...

Please don't tell me Gwen Miller is running AGAIN????

Isn't she like close to 100 years old?

Maybe she should retire and make booties for her GREATgrandchildren!

My vote's for RANDY!!!!

ranbar said...

I want to thank Scott and the previous posters for their show of support. A lot of people have asked me why I chose to run city-wide. While there were various issues that helped me decide this, one major consideration is the fact that Seminole Heights is a microcosm of all the issues that face the entire city. Code enforcement, traffic calming, economic development along urban corridors, parking, historic preservation, interaction with TPD, interaction with FDOT, right-of –way encroachments, insurance requirements for events on city property - the list goes on. If there is an issue out there, Seminole Heights has usually faced it and taken a leadership role in dealing with it.

I have been fortunate to work with a great many individuals who have helped to make Seminole Heights one of the most activist, influential and successful neighborhoods in the city of Tampa. The presidents of SESHCA and SSHCA, Sherry Simons and Gary Ellsworth, along with their board members, have been instrumental in embracing more cooperation among the three associations. The leaders of the neighborhood’s Crime Watch areas and mobile crime patrols (“hooker patrol”) have developed tactics that have not only successfully drastically reduced crime in the area, but are models for other areas of the city. Our residents have worked to create historic districts and the city’s first residential overlay district. Working with these dedicated people has enabled me to develop knowledge and expertise on a wide range of issues. But it has also taught me that effective leadership requires listening to those around you, both to identify problems and develop solutions.

Having started down the path of success with Seminole Heights (although by no means reaching the end of the journey), I feel there is now an opportunity to apply my experience on a citywide basis. Many of the issues that we face in Seminole Heights require city-wide attention to develop functional solutions. Traffic calming will come to Seminole Heights when the city as a whole focuses on traffic calming, instead of budgeting an amount that is less than that budgeted to a Riverwalk consultant. Parking solutions will come to Seminole Heights when the city as a whole focuses on the rapidly escalating parking crisis which is only getting worse with a geometric increase in density in areas with the biggest problems. Redevelopment of our urban corridors will increase when the city modifies development codes designed for suburban sized lots. While our interaction with Code Enforcement has led to the creation of the Seminole Heights Task Force, a model of inter-department cooperation that needs to be applied to other areas of the administration, Code Enforcement also needs a cohesive city-wide strategy along with computers that provide the information that inspectors need in the field and a commitment to foreclose, when available, on blatant repeat offenders. And we will only get cooperation from FDOT when the city makes it clear that it needs to have a symbiotic relationship with them, not act as a parasitic host for raceways through our residential communities.

In short, there are plenty of issues that need to be addressed on a city-wide basis. I look forward to having the opportunity to apply my experience to develop and implement solutions that will help not only Seminole Heights, but the entire city.

Bungalowlady said...

Everyone living in my house will vote for Randy.

Vox Populi said...

LMAO. From what I heard he was out stalking people at the ice cream store in his mason van not long after he lost this election. Or right before it, anyway.

They have some video of him eating ice cream like he HATED IT.

Odd that he'd show up 'at that very moment' as they had voiced quite VOCAL opposition to him.

Yes, you CAN say it if it's true.

And I guess rose didn't rub off on randy.

They think the lil people are just going to let them do what they want.

Yeah, julie brown is still trying too.


It gets pathetic to watch.

Just go enjoy your life.

Have an ice cream together.

Get with jeb666 and GO AWAY.

Part of what you said actually sounded good but, inside, you're just another wannabe or ex cop who wants to tell everyone how to live.

Which is why I think people should take a REAL CLOSE look at yall.

I looked at julie just for a few minutes and came away with a smell in my nose.

Still going on and on.... someone tell them we don't WANT THEM to tell us how to live.

They are NOT qualified.

This is probably the hatingest, most hate your neighbor happy blog I have ever read.