Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dis and Dat gets gutted

As I drove to work today, I could see that they are gutting the interior of the brick building next to the auto parts store at Nebraska and Ida. I wonder what they plan to do with it?
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Anonymous said...

This concerns me! As I was going to work, I noticed it being gutted as well. I don't see a permit hanging anywhere. As fragile as the building is, I would hate to see them destroy it any more.

In addition, the workers didn't look like professional contractors. My biggest fear is that they convert the building into another church, etc. Who do you call to find out if this is legit and it is being done properly.

I remember how excited everyone got when the building next to Tampa Door was being renovated, then it was painted orange, plastic put over the windows and never opened.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the address? The City of Tampa permit database can be searched online?

Seminole Heights said...

4028,4030, and 4034? Nebraska

Central Chrissie said...

I found the address, 4034. No permits have been pulled.

In searching I noticed something that else, 4211 N. Neb. is owned by Citylofts. Anyone know anything about this property?

Seminole said...

I found this for 4028. https://www.tampagov.net/webapps/default.aspx?page_id=10

Seminole said...

Here is some of the information

Express Permits Service

Step: 1. Project/Permit Search 2. Project/Permit Info 3. Payment Info 4. Confirm 5. Receipt
This screen displays a permit's details. Below, click the 'View' link(s) to expand an area; click the 'Hide' link(s) to colapse an area.

Project: 296593 Site Address: 4028 N NEBRASKA AVE
PIN Number: A-01-29-18-4H3-000001-000040
Notice Of Commencement: NOT REQUIRED Comments:

Permit: 1 Permit Type: MISC Permit Status: ISSUED/PAID
Permit Description: COMPLAINT...REMODEL(ALL TRADES)W/O PERMITS Inspector Area: C3
Applicant's Name: BUILDING BUREAU Applicant Type: OWNER
Contractor Name: n/a Contractor Phone: n/a
No fees on this permit.
View Permit Detail

View Inspection Info

Anonymous said...

I called. They recieved a complaint and have not investigated it. Some of the info in the fields is misleading.

Anonymous said...

Are they doing just non structural work? I found this on the tampagov.net / construction services / permits website

You can do the following work without a permit :

Minor, non-structural repairs that does not include the cutting away of any wall, partition or any part thereof, with the approval of the building official or his designee

Repair faucets or valves, and unstop clogged drains and sewer lines

Install A/C units less than 3 tons not connected to duct work

Painting, cabinets, carpet, vinyl tile, and gutters, and certain types of fences (click here for fence information)

Removal of trees not on the protected list such as Male Mulberry, Australian Pine, Eucalyptus, Chinaberry, Cherry Laurel, Brazilian Pepper, Monkey Puzzle, and Silk Oak

Anonymous said...

I have a question......how do you know the dates of any of the entries on the permit site?

Seminole said...

Here's the complete permit issued today (if I'm reading it right).

City Of Tampa
Growth Management & Development Services
MISC Permit

Project/Permit #: 296593-1 Issue Date: 11/21/2006 Permit Status: ISSUED/PAID
Situs Information
Situs #: 62917
Address: 4028 N NEBRASKA AVE
Legal: PALMARIA, E 78 FT OF W 128 FT OF LOT 4 BLOCK 1,
Other: Map #: F12 Z File: Zoning: CG Dri: P
Condition: 03 DETERIORATING Fld Zone: C Elevation: Aviation: P 188
Hist Bldg: 0 Hist Dist: Fire Lmt: I Setback: 60' FM BUFFALO C/L

Owner Information
Address: 4028 N NEBRASKA AVE , TAMPA, FL 33603
Project Information
Number: 296593 Type: R Bldgs: 0 S&E: N CRA: N Added: 11/21/2006
Permit Information
Contractor Information
Qualifier: Cert #: Signer:
DBA Name: Address: Phone:

Inspect Area: C3 CSE Fee: $0.00 Permit Calc: $0.00 COT Total Due: $0.00

The Undersigned hereby states that all facts provided by him in this application are true and correct, and that he has full authority from the owner, owner's agent, and/or contractor to apply for a permit, and permform the work described.

________________________________ _______________
Signature Date

Anonymous said...

You have to select which permit number you want to look at and then click view project summary....

Anonymous said...

I believe they may be doing more than the permit leads you to believe. If you see inside, they have gutted every single thing out of the inside. It appears on the permit that they did not pull electrical. I can't imagine them not updating electric while they have it totally bare.

I just don't want it to be a Church slash Funeral Home slash Pawn shop, etc.

Seminole Heights said...

They don't have a permit to do anything. The problem is that the City is using its antiquated permit software to show complaints and there are no categories for complaints details. The issued refers to the fact there is a complaint. The "project has active permits" refers to the complaint. This is unpermited activity they are doing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it is one of the few truly beautiful historic building in SESH that coule be restored to a masterpiece. However, it appears the new owners, or current owners rehabbing are not doing correct work.

Anonymous said...

Come on guys, cappy's can do it without permits why should this guy have to follow the rules?

Flyer anon said...

Yea, Really.
You all bitch about the place and how something should be done with it, and as soon as something starts happening you start bitching and narcing and doing everything you can to stop it in it's tracks.
Geez, if we bought a brand new rope to hang you with you'd still bitch that we didn't buy a stronger one.

Oh, I know what the guy intends to do w/the place but I'm not tellin'.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I agree: Back off a little people. When did you become the gestapo?

ShreksWife said...

I'm just glad there's actually something happening there. I can't wait to see what it will be. Let's face it, anything is an improvement over what it's been for so long. We can't control what kind of business is going in there, so let it go. Hopefully they are at least using licensed electricians, plumbers etc. That would be my biggest concern, especially in regard to electrical. Really, how much experience is needed to demolish? Haven't we ALL done some of that ourselves in our own homes?

Flyer anon said...

Damn Shreeky, I guess you are capable of rational thought.
If you weren't so out front and shrill back then you may not have been the target of enmity.
Seems there's others (anonymous of course) that show far less tolerant pragmatism than you.

Flyer anon said...

"Pragmatic Toleration"
That's sounds much better and makes more sense, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

A neighbor stopped by and talked to the crew renovating the building. According to the workers, it is being rehabbed to house a new CHURCH. (like we need one more of those) She was told it will be a Catholic Church and the pastor and his wife would live in the building.

IFly said...

What is the deal with all these things here? Are they so lucrative they can afford to rent or buy when for-profit businesses can't? Also what are their parking requirements, the Iglesia de Dios on Florida always seems to spill out into surrounding businesses during services.

ShreksWife said...

FA... I think you just ASSUMED things about me. I am opinionated, but i do have the ability to see both sides of the coin. And I am also a pretty good listener, and I've even been known to admit when I am wrong. (But I'm not wrong ofter) lol.

Anyway ... another church? Oh well, not MY first choice of what I'd want there, even if it IS a catholic church, but it begs the question ... where the hell are they going to park? Right across the street, there was a "chuch" in the orange building, I believe, or was it the green one where they sell scrubs now? Anyway, the chuch members would park right up on the sidewalk the nights of their church services. All up and down from the door store to Hillsboro sheet metal. i felt sorry for those hapless pedestrians that had to step off the sidewalk and onto nebraska just to get past all these cars. I thought it was rude and inconsiderate, but hey, they're all inside being all holy and christianlike, so it's okay that they endanger the lives of those less fortunate, i guess.

Oh well, I guess any business that goes in there is going to have the same freakin parking problems, no matter what. Just as long as they don't intend to broadcast their sermons on louspeakers outside like the "carpet church" used to do. I've been "saved" a million times over by those clowns!!!!!

hoodieho said...

llllllllllllmaoooooooooooo this is the funniest yet
Gawd ......some people are so funny with ideas.thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am sure this will not be a Roman Catholic Church. They would have pulled permits and not have to advertise for laborers. There would have a been a sign out front stating that the Diocese of St. Petersburg is proud to announce . blah, blah, blah. It is too small for a Roman Catholic Church. It could be one of those breakaway churches.

There is something screwy going on.

Flyer Anon could assuage matters by telling us what he knows but he likes to plays these games of "I know what you don't."

This makes me suspicious. I they are up to something good wht not tell? Must be something problematic.

Anonymous said...

Please, Flyer Anon got his ass evicted and dosen't have a clue what they are planning to do. I did go up there today and they are doing very shoddy/questionable work. As delicate as the building is, I am afraid they will do more harm than good.

If we can get rid of the illegal scientologist, the illegal catholics don't stand a chance.

Flyer anon said...

Yea. Silly me.
Why would I have any reason to let them know about his blog and send them a link to it.
I like the church line they gave you, I myself would have said lawyers offices and candle shops but I forgot to coach em' on it.

Anonymous said...

The better question would be why would you tell. After you got evicted, what do you care happens there? All I can say is no more shoddy businesses remodeled half assed. We need business that serve the needs for the immediate neighborhood and reflect the momentum of the n'hood. Look how crappy the Florida Arts school, Ybor Pizza, Dis and Dat, the pink Church at N.O. and Neb. look and are kept up. As long as they continue to maintain thier property in such a fashion, it will keep Nebraska down. I drive my daughter across town for Piano and dance classes instead of using the FAS right here in the n'hood. I can't understand why they don't take pride in their building. More importantly,if the outside looks this bad, imagine what the inside looks like.

Flyer anon said...

So, I had a good run.
$200 a month for 1000 sq" couldn't last forever.
Unlike you and your ilk, I like these guys. Giving them a heads up as to who they will encounter was the least I could do. I felt it my duty to let them know that you are not their friends, and that you will do all you can to thwart them. As for "shoddy/questionable work" are you a demolition contractor? Didn't think so, so what leg do you have to stand on to make such a statement.

We see things here as opposites. What you think is good momentum, I despise. I think an exodus will happen when enough ppl like you see this ain't Hyde Park and pack up and move closer to the piano teacher rather than support a local business because you don't like the building. (Can any of you remember what FAS was before? Maybe we can get them back in)

Also as for "shoddy businesses remodeled half assed". Again, are you a contractor? If it's OK w/code it should OK w/you regardless of your non-learned impression.

Anonymous said...

And then again maybe it isnt up to code if the right permits haven't been pulled and the guy is using unlicensed contractors.
As far as the parking is concerned, its my understanding that so many spaces have to be assigned for different businesses.
Depending on what they open up, they should met this requirement.
If they dont..its bye bye time.
Just like the scientologists.

Anonymous said...

reference the church on North street that the residents had to deal with when the prior owner sold off all of the lots used for parking and then the cars overwhelmed the neighborhood.

Without a 50 yr lease for the use of the parts store lot or any other - any use of the building will not work as there is no legal parking - maybe 2 spots.

All one needs to do is inform code of the situation and get it corrected.

ShreksWife said...

Whatever this building is going to morph into, we all have to realize that you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell for it to be an establishment that will serve the n'hood in the ways you'd like it to, for starters, b/c of the parking issues.

I'm certainly not an expert when it comes to parking vs. building use/size, but it seems as though with it's lack of parking, the only thing that it can be is offices/manufacturing of some sort.

I really don't believe the "catholic church" rumor, except to say that someone I know has already contacted the Diocese of St. Petersburg to confirm it. For those of you who are not catholic and don't know ... Tampa's Catholic churches fall into the boundaries of the Diocese of STP, which is the governing body of the catholic churches in this area. If it IS going to be a catholic church, it would most likely be an off-shoot, such as Anglican Catholic or Orthodox Catholic.

Whatever it turns out to be, I just hope they do that cool old building justice and really do the best renovation job that it deserves.

Anonymous said...

"I drive my daughter across town for Piano and dance classes instead of using the FAS right here in the n'hood. "

Why not just live there too? You'd save on gass and not have to live in a "hood".

Anonymous said...

Give me businesses
give me parking
Give me aestetics
Give me what I want or hell to pay

I won't get off my ass to see
I won't get off my ass to welcome you
I won't get off my ass to start a dialogue
I won't get off my ass it's easier to bitch

I want Hyde park
I want SoHo
I want Davis Island
I want Palma Ceia

But I want them in the 'hood
it's cool and trendy
So I say I'm in the 'hood
I love diversity
Served in shades of white
Oh, I love diversity
When you look like me
When you think like me
When you believe like me
When you agree with me

Flyer anon said...

That's good, You should sign it (any log-on name you make up) and get credit for it.

Going back and looking at the posts on this thread it seems that anon 9:08 am is a very bitter person. She/He seemed surprised that I wasn't showing any animosity or vindictiveness towards the new owners just because I had to move.
I guess she (I'll use "she" because the person comes across as a "she", a single divorced "she" at that) figures I should be all PO'd and want to join the narc squad. Guess what, I still like the new owners more than her and her kind and intend to do all I can to help them defend themselves against ppl like her.
Besides, whatever opens up won't get any of her business as she'll continue to go somewhere outside of the ‘hood' for what she wants and her friends still won't come visit her after dark.
I wonder what lasting baggage her daughter will have when she looks back on her youth spent in the ‘hood' so her mom could be an ‘Urban Pioneer'.

Anonymous said...

Arent you the sexist one yourself Mr. Flyer..
Who said it was a she?
You assumed that

ShreksWife said...

deep down i hope it's a business i can patronize. i've always tried to use the biz's in the n'hood, and now that i work from home, i like shopping locally even more. Acme glass rules, Rose is my drug store of choice, i'm thrilled that Sem Hts Bakery is open to the public and has kick ass cafe con leche. Ybor Pizza still has good pizzas. the auto repair shop on the corner of chelsea and nebraska can fix a tire quickly and cheaply, warner's plumbing has pretty much everything you need, and they are nice people, and i won't go anywhere for doors anymore except to Tampa Door. I ciuln't ask for a dry cleaner any closer to home as Value Cleaners. About the only business I haven't checked out are the mortuary or funeral homes ... for obvious reasons! I will say, I've boycotted Family Dollar and Mega because they are dirty and stinky.