Friday, November 24, 2006

Need a Toilet?

I'm selling a small vintage toilet from our guest bath. We believe it was salvaged from an Airstream type RV and then put in our home.

$25 and you pick it up

It's clean and it works


Anonymous said...

you have the nerve to ask money for this??

armyBob said...

It must be a Chevy, it has a 4-bolt main, uh, drain.

Anonymous said...

lol that is funny.....

AngelSil said...

it's sold thanks =)

Anonymous said...


Now that you are a guest commentator I look forward to all the other junk you have to sell - is this your own personal yardsale??

Put an ad in the Pennysaver or put it on your own blog - leave the SH blog to neighborhood issues.

David - can you take her guest poster rights away???

seminole sugar said...


Why should she have her posting abilty taken? Seems to me that your self is a problem

What ? were you the school yard bully too??