Thursday, November 16, 2006

City Council Temp positions

Today the Tribune writes about the candidates seeking to fill in now open Tampa City Council positions.

2 or 3 are from Seminole Heights.

Susan Long - Old Seminole Heights Board member

Beverly Morrow - past president of Southeast Seminole Heights.

and Joseph Bryant, lawyer and president of the South Seminole Heights Action Committee. What is the South Seminole Heights Action Committee? I never heard of it.


Bungalowlady said...

Gary Ellsworth, President of SESH, has never heard of it either.

CouldBeSherry said...

Bungalow Lady, you must be tired. This is Sherry, President of SESH :) and I also have never heard of the SH Action League.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything we can do to support or help our SH neighbors get on the Council?

Anonymous said...

Where is Sherry's name??

Anonymous said...

these positions are for the temporary openings as a result of Ferlita and White moving on to County. The elections in March will bring the full time council positions. Current council has stated they are not interested in filling these temp positions with anyone looking to run for the full time slots.

The real push for the neighborhood comes whne the elections come up - Randy Baron is running for a full time position and then we can help get one of our own on the council.

Anonymous said...

I dont want Randy..
I want Sherry Simons

CouldBeSherry said...

Well for sure I appreciate your compliment, however, never will be when I want to run for city council. I am all about hands on in the hood! But Randy will represent us well, even tho he is running city wide. We know where his heart is!

Anonymous said...

I dont particularly care for him.
I want a rep from SESH.
A female rep.
Sherry would be the best person in my opinion.
Look what shes done for us already.

shawn-non-anonymous said...

Anon 8:52... I'm surprised. I've been living in my own little "greater seminole heights" world for a few years now. Don't think I've heard anyone so openly narrow about the neighborhood in a while.

Sherry, Randy, and Gary work darned hard to get thing done in the area, not just for their own little corner, but for all of Seminole Heights. We'd be well-off if any one of them made it on the council. Each of them is backed by small group of active officers, committee chairs, and volunteers that would also do well on the council.

When the vehicle patrols in Old Seminole Heights do go out, they spend much of their effort in SESH. They don't stop at Hillsborough and figure it's someone else's problem.

Anonymous said...

The difference is..
Our Sherry cares and isnt trying to make a political name.
Thats a huge difference.
Plus..females get the job done!

Bungalowlady said...

As a female even I resent the idea that men can't get anything done but women do. I think the issue is WHO is running and not the gender. IF SH (SE, S OR O) being represented is the issue Randy is the best choice. Since Sherry isn't running, pick someone who is. Pick the best person, forget the gender.

jaded1 said...

I agree. Generalized statements like that get us nowhere. If you don't like the candidates running,whatever you think their motivation is, you should run yourself.

shawn-non-anonymous said...

I know it's easier to see Sherry as caring because her tireless efforts benefit you more directly. However, having attended OSHNA board meetings and events for years, I can tell you that regardless of Randy's political goals, he too cares. It's obvious. He gets passionate about issues that affect not only OSHNA, but SESH and SSH as well.

I think it's great Sherry has a booster club, but if it was only Sherry working hard to make the area better, very little would have changed. There are easily 100 active neighbors in SH working hard every day to see that things improve.

I'll leave the sexist statement alone other than to say it stinks.

Anonymous said...

We all know if Sherry wouldn't have stepped up to the plate we would still be living in a modern day Iraq.
If she can do this with SESH, imagine what she could do as a council member.
Every one likes her.

Greg said...

Anon 6:42

I agree with you that Sherry has done some great things specifically for her 'hood and the others as a whole but I think that you do a great disservice with your blinders on. They are and have been many individuals that have put many hours on the table over the years to make things better for SH as a whole regardless of weather or not it affects their immediate area. It's the ripple effect in action - it makes an immediate difference in a specific area but it sets a domino effect in to motion for the neighborhood as a whole.

The efforts of a few benefit the neighborhood of many.

Regarding your "baiting" comments about Randy - if you even knew him slightly you would realize the efforts he makes and the meetings he attends with the city that do not even get publicized for his political gain as you imply. If that were his intent his actions would be heard all over the place -he spends many hours in meetings committed to neighborhood issues that are never mentioned.

If you don't feel he is worth voting for then walk in his shoes for a little while regarding the efforts he makes for all of SH before you blog with your broad brush.

Rick F. said...

FYI- South Seminole Heights Action League was the precursor to the SSHCA. It went defunk around 1986 or 1988 when their money was stolen and the main advocate died.

There is no joseph Bryant owning property in South Seminole Heights.
There is a Jennifer Bryant in the neighborhood.

The incorporation records for the SSAL do show Mr. Bryant as a board member but not president and at least in 1989 living at 313 Osborne. The last SSAL president Steven Beate has been deceased for nearly 20 years. In fact only one of the named directors is still living in South Seminole Heights. And she was never involved with the Civic Association during the time I lived there.

I guess anyone can claim to be the head of any defunk group when there is no one to challenge the veracity of the claim.

Anonymous said...

hey that sound just like the Business Alliance. President Jeff Craft. A title to wave around but no organization. No members. No meetings but hey he as a title.

Anonymous said...

I want Beverly Morrow! How can we support her to make sure she is the one for a temporary slot. Beverly is like a pit bull. Once she gets on a topic, she will not quit until it is completed. Plus, she does not run around with blinders on. She realizes the problems in the neighborhoods. She realizes that Code is a wasted department and needs to be overhauled. She realizes that the city is filthy and needs to be cleaned. She knows the workings of each department within the city, parks, zoning, etc. BRING IT ON BEVERLY!

Anonymous said...

I could do Beverly too.
Beverly or Sherry.
Either one would suit me.
I don't trust Randy because I have heard he is in bed so to speak with code management.
** Its just a rumor circulating around SESH, thats all.***

Anonymous said...

PALEEEEESSSSSEEEEEE - that's not even a good false rumor!

If you are going to take the time to lie then be spectacular about it!

CouldBeSherry said...


Thanks for all the wonderful comments. Being an activist in the hood is frequently a thankless job, so to read all this is really great.

I fully support Randy for Council. I have to say that I do not believe that he, Gary or any past presidents of the SH associations have done the job to further their political careers. Trust me there are easier ways to get there, if that is your desire. Staying in tune with the hood and actively promoting a better quality of life is full time job. You don’t do it with a faint heart, or on a part time basis. In addition you do not do it alone. For every association president that you see working every day, there a ton of very supportive volunteers who work just as hard. And supporting them is another group who have less time to give, but who volunteer for the numerous events or part time committees which help to make the associations do the things they do for the neighborhood. No one person does this on their own.

So, I thank all of you for your kind comments. But my fun and satisfaction comes from working right here in the hood. So much to do,,,,and so little time!

Anonymous said...

I support Randy too. So what if he looks at hooters. Look what Bill Clinton did and he was a good pres.

Anonymous said...

Bush does not look at hooters and look at what mess he got us into. bring on the hooters

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton was the worst President ever and he looked at hooters and played with cigars.
Dont kid yourself.

cartman said...

yeah but he never had sexual relations with that woman, Monica Luewynski.