Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mobile Internet

Sometimes when driving around doing errands I like to take my laptop with me and do some war driving. It fun to watch the different sites come up and see what names people use for their wireless networks. It is like treasure hunting.

A couple of weeks ago I came off southbound I-275 at the Hillsborough Avenue exit. As I was sitting there my computer told me I was connected. I thought that was a little odd as the only site there is Starbucks and it is a pay site. The light changed and as I drove on I was still connected. I pulled up to the light at Hillsborough and Nebraska and was still connected. I finally realized what occured. I had been sitting and driving along side one of the large new purple HART buses. It must have WiFi coverage for its riders. How cool is that. However, the question is whether it is all of the buses or select ones.

So the next time you need some wireless access and the library system is down, maybe you just hop a HART buses or follow one around and connect.


Blondedippidoo said...

wow hartline does?
wow im definelty gonna take my mom up on an offer of that lap top
gees and ride all day
lol how cool

thanks !

Anonymous said...

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