Friday, November 17, 2006

Sollicitations In The Neighborhoods

I received this from several sources to pass on to SH. I posted it on the SESH email, as that is my particular part of the hood. Then I received it from Pre-Councilman Randy Baron, with a note that it would be good to post it on the blog, which I am doing. However, if you look to the left, you will note that Randy is a legal poster on this I am wondering, is this how it starts?
Are we training for "staff". Hummmm? :)

So heres for you Randy......

"We have had several guys in the neighborhood soliciting money for teams to go to tournaments. These fellows say they live in the neighborhood and even go as far to give mother's name and streets that they live on. One described his mother as "the lady with the dark hair that walks her dog in the morning". These are all scams. Last night a fellow was soliciting for a soccer team and was arrested.

This afternoon two more appeared trying to get money for their hockey team. The police came immediately and have been canvassing the neighborhood for them. The patrolman that responded this afternoon said that there is a company that brings young guys down here and puts them up in cheap hotels. They go door to door selling magazine subscriptions or asking for support for a team.


If someone comes to your door, do not contribute and call the police after they leave.We were very prompt in having the arrest last night and having them leave the neighborhood today due to the quick reaction of our neighbors. Let's keep up the good work. "


Anonymous said...

Off topic... but urgent...
A very sweet dog was found today at Rivercrest Park in South Seminole Heights. He has a collar but no tags. I sent pictures to the blog e-mail, hopefully you will be able to post them. Male Lhasa Apso was found around 3pm, 11/17/06. Owner can call Lisa (813) 758-7455

ranbar said...


I am going through withdrawals...the security guys at work have put the Seminole Heights blog on the forbidden list. Shame on them! Anyway, when I got the email this morning, I figured that it should be posted as soon as possible, so I sent it to you among others. Thanks for posting!! :)

CouldBeSherry said...

Darn those Shriners! And to think they are my favorite charity!

Anyway, all kidding aside, glad to assist!


Anonymous said...

What about those ACORN organizers that go around beg for money to join their organization... is that legit?

Anonymous said...

ACORN is a scam. Among other things they are big on political tricks, including fradulant voter registration. Steer clear of these thugs!!

Shadowlawn said...

A while back, two middle-school age kids came to my door selling magazine subscriptions. I thought I was probably falling for a scam, but I have been getting those magazines ever since.