Monday, November 27, 2006

3rd Annual Southeast Seminole Heights Home Tour

This Sunday, December 3rd from 1:00 to 5:30 p.M., the 3rd Annual Southeast Seminole Heights Home Tour "Homes For the Holidays" will take place.

Don't live in Seminole Heights but curious as to what the natives natural habitats look like? Live in Seminole Heights and want more decorating ideas to steal for your home? Come on the tour.

For those who are considering buying a home in Seminole Heights, for the first time, the Tour brochure includes inserts on houses for sale in the neighborhood. There will also be many open houses going on.

Mine is one of those. We are fortunate to be on the path between two houses on the home tour, number 9 and 10, and we will be having an open house. So I guess you could call our house #9.5 on the tour. The funny thing is people have been trying to get us to participate in all 3 tours and we were not ready and not sure we could handle all the pressure of getting ready for the tour. The first year our front yard was the bus stop and people kept wanting to come in because our yard looked so nice.

I am serious abut stealing ideas. We got the idea to decorate our door panels with wallpaper from Claude and Rich last year. Several years ago on an Old Seminole Heights Home Tour we saw two houses that put up gauzy curtains on their front porch to provide some decorative sunshade. That idea was copied immediately by several other houses afterwards.

What ideas have you gotten from a home tour?

Tickets for the Tour can be bought at the Seminole Heights Church located on the SW corner of Nebraska and Hillsborough Avenues.

2004 Tour in the Times. 2005 Tour in the Times. 2006 Tour in the Tribune.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got an idea. How about considering proof-reading your script before putting out there for all of the dozens of readers to see? This piece says to me, "Hey, come and see where all of the illiterates live".

Come on now, really? said...

Why Anonymous : 11/27/2006 5:47 PM? I mean I'm sorry if something is going so wrong in your life you feel its okay to take it out on people by posting anonymous mean spirtied comments online for no reason but please if you can inform me, whats the point? I bet you yell at people on the road if they don't drive the way you like.

seminole sugar said...

Hey 5;47pm

why dont you move from here ..You make it apparent that you cannot play well with others and be a part of something almost non existent any longer
A neighborhood where others seem to get along well enough to earn a good name.I wish people who feel the way you do.....comfortable berating others to feel good inside would just go take a fking flying leap over to say um.....some long depths in the bay and get some graditude or how's this SHUT THE FK up if you havent anything nice to say!
sick of you and your mealymouth types who come here and bitch.'

amarathonguy said...

To the person who posted first,

There's a rather cliched view in Psych circles that whta one points to and criticized in others as faults reflects a projection of one's self concept. Accusing the girlfriend of flirting when she says she isn't may indicate a desire to wander on the accuser's part. So your "mean spirited post" says more about you than it does about the person who endorsed the tour and went to the trouble to provide links to a tour history.
What about that do you find illiterate? Did "gauzy" take liberties that offended your sense of proper diction? C'mon, bring it. Your type of ranting doesn't belong on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I love the home tours! But, I have one teensy problem with the SouthEastSem.Hts. Home Tour....last year particularly, it seemed like the same decorator came in and decorated all the houses. IMO, I love to see different styles and personalities in the houses, but when one person (as it seemed - I could be wrong) puts their touches on all the houses, they all seem the same. I'll still attend, because it's still very interssting

CouldBeSherry said...

Sorry, every home except one was done by the ownerm and reflected their tastes. I KNOW my home was not just like the others. Loft bed, wall mural, lots of original art and a mexican style kitchen...for sure not the usual. My neighbor's house was in process and had hand stenciled floors and a beautiful hand crafted entry. His whole house was very unique. There was only house with a "designer". and it was billed as such.

So not sure how to explain your perception. But glad your going to go again this year!

Anonymous said...

was "decorated all the houses" in reference to the X-mas decorations and flowers?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, for the past 2 years, I have gone on the holiday tour and SESH has their act together. It is by far the most organized tour in the city and does a great job showcasing the genuinely nice neighbor attitude that makes SESH so famous. Your organizers are to be commended for putting on a top notch tour and getting out in the city to solicit the level of donations that you are able to achieve. Other neighborhoods should look at your Young tour as a model of what to hope for. Keep up the excellent work! See you again Sunday. I can't wait to see what surprises are in store this year.

Anonymous said...

What is the price of the ticket? I can't find that info anywhere.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We check out the homes every year on the home tour and enjoy it. My main issue, especially seeing which houses are on the tour this year, is that I think the true value of showing off a house is to show what YOU (as the OWNER) has done to/with the house. I know for fact that at least 2 houses that will be on this year's tour were bought in the condition they are in and the owners will try to take credit for doing the work. Also, if YOU pay SOMEONE ELSE to do all the work, YOU have not restored/renovated, THEY have! Let's showcase what people have done with their own hard effort and skills. Only tour day will tell, but I'm prepared to see plenty of house-flippers quality work and gaudy decoration!

Anonymous said...

OK, everyone can not be the people who rehabbed the house. However, that does not negate the value of the rehab. AND most people, like myself, (I bought a house that had been rehabbed ten years prior) continue on and put their own stamp on their house.

What does it matter who did the rehab if it was done and if it shows what can be done with these old houses?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I could care less who did the rehab. I just want to see the home and the style of each house. I get great ideas for fixing up my money pit each year. I like to see the built-ins, etc. I know there are several new people on the tour, but the fact is their homes are just as beautiful and share just as much character as the others.