Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hanna Speedway

An email:

It's ironic that I was reading this morning about the man speeding in a Jaguar. I returned home from taking my daughter to school to find a man bleeding profusely and badly hurt laying in my yard. He had been hit and the woman who hit him had taken off. She hit him so hard that he flew over the fence and into a tree.

I told anyone from TPD who would listen that they need to crack down on the Hanna Ave speedway. We haven't been successful so far with the code dept, maybe we can sidetrack just a little to deal with this very dangerous problem. Hanna Ave, between 15th and Florida especially, is pedestrian heavy, and I have always thought was a tragedy waiting to happen. Well, this morning it did. This was a man who walked by my house every day. I see women pushing baby strollers, people going to work, a little old lady who walks her dog, he probably lived in the neighborhood.

I'm sad and I'm pissed. So the idea of going to jail for a few hours for throwing a rock at someone speeding and endangering the lives of people who live here, for the moment doesn't really bother me. Something needs to be done.


From TPD Traffic Unit website:

) Traffic Stop I have a problem with people speeding in my neighborhood, what can I do about it?

Complaints of speeding, stop sign violations or any other traffic concern can be reported to the Traffic / Motor Unit who will follow up on your complaint. They can be contacted at: Tampa Police Department Traffic Unit 411 N. Franklin St Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 276-3471

4) I saw an illuminated speed sign in another neighborhood the other day. How can I get that in my neighborhood?

The traffic speed sign is primarily used in conjunction with ongoing traffic complaints. However, when complaints are done, it is possible to request that the sign be placed in your neighborhood for a day to monitor traffic.

5) How does the illuminated speed sign work?

The traffic speed sign is sent out daily to different locations within the city to alert motorists and to educate them on the speed limit posted on the road that they are traveling upon. It is primarily used in conjunction with traffic complaints as there is a computer built into the system that records vehicle counts, speed and average speed based upon the volume of traffic. This determines the need for additional enforcement or recommendations to other city departments for action.



YOU SEE this is what i am talking about

residential is the key word here
there are children and dogs and cats that is what this area is known about isnt it

pacificurls said...

sorry for this post I am pretty damn upset tho
I appreciate the lady who posted alot thanks a lot and your good people thanks .

Resident Blogger said...

OMG this is awful! Is the man going to be ok? Did anyone get the tag of the lady? Can we lynch her?

Grill her ass at the grill off!

Run over her?

Stake her close to the edge of the road let people scare her as they speed by?


Resident Blogger said...

OMG this is awful! Is the man going to be ok? Did anyone get the tag of the lady? Can we lynch her?

Grill her ass at the grill off!

Run over her?

Stake her close to the edge of the road let people scare her as they speed by?


Anonymous said...

I just saw the news report on Channel 10. How horrible. Flora street has the same problem of people coming off of Nebraska down Flora to 15th driving at race way speeds. I did try a year ago to have speed bumps put in, the city came out and did a measure on traffic and stated that there was nothing they can do at this time. If anyone has any luck at making changes down their street, I would be interested in hearing how you got it accomplished. I would hate to see the same thing happen again as did this morning. As most of us know, it was a matter of time. People cut through to avoid traffic on Hillsborough. I will be keeping a close eye out for any speeders and report them, that seems to be the only way to make a change.

Terri said...

I just spoke to a friend of the man hit. They don't expect him to make it.
Trust me when I tell you, lynching her would have been too nice. She dropped her 10yr old daughter off at school after she hit him. She told the deputy that brought her back to the scene that she thought she hit "something". Then she kept wanting her male friend who showed up to get her some cigarettes. At that moment, I totally understood angry mob mentality.
He was a nice guy. My very protective dog never barked at him. As long as I live, I'll never get the image of him laying in the dirt, bleeding and struggling to breathe.

Anonymous said...

Holy sheet, what a horrible story.

I drove by the scene on my way to work this morning.

Isn't that a school zone?

It's right by Seminole Heights Elementary.

She needs to do some time for vehicular manslaughter if this poor man doesn't make it.

CouldBeSherry said...

This is sooo sad. And the saddest part is that there are at least ten other streets in SH where this exact thing "almost" happens on a daily basis!

Anonymous said...

I walk my dog every morning and things like this scare me to death! I walk along Taliaferro where there are no sidewalks and people drive down the middle of the road. I'm really afraid that someone will hit me or my dog one day.

ShreksWife said...

capacific ...
okay, you've made your point about my comment regarding throwing rocks at speeding cars. FYI I was being sarcastic, and am sorry that it has apparently ruined your day and given you lots of fuel for your fire.

As I've also stated in another post, I seriously would never throw rocks at speeding cars because I am NOT an idiot, as you have called me, but simply FED UP WITH IDIOTS WHO THINK IT IS OKAY TO SPEED THRU RESIDENTIAL STREETS.

Come hang out on North Bay street sometime and watch as these "Mario Andretti's" zoom past children at play right in front of my house. Your not alone on your own island, here ... many of our streets are plagued with reckless drivers! Some of us joke about how cool it would be if we could scare the crap out of these speeders by throwing rocks at their cars, but none of us would really do it.

Although ... today's incident makes me feel that I'd almost be willing to suffer the consequences of throwing something at a speeding car if there was a chance that the person i threw a rock at learned a lesson from said incident. Alas, that will never happen, and we are relegated to bearing witness to tragic events such as today's, praying for the victim and his family, and hoping like hell that this b#$%tch gets thrown in jail for a long time, and her daughter gets taken away (I feel sad for the little girl) I only hope that she has relatives far more responsible than her mother who can give her a loving, nurturing home free of drugs and alcohol.

I hope you catch mr. jaguar before he claims a life.
if you know what time he drives by, be ready for him. sit in your car and wait for him. take a pad and pencil with you. when he passes your house, follow him long enough to write down his tag number!!! Think outside the box! Don't just stand there on your porch in your bathrobe and do nothing! At least with a tag number maybe the police can do something!

Beerwulf said...

You know, the best way to handle this might be to have the city (or someone) come out and dig potholes in the road surface. They're self-maintaining, and nothing slows traffic down like a sudden sharp dropoff of twelve inches that can break a strut.


Shreks wife
I dont own a bathrobe



SH Resident said...

I drop my kids off every morning at Seminole Elementary. Miss Betty, the Safety Patrol woman who crosses children across Central at the northen end of the School, is constantly flagging drivers to slow down. A lot of them pay no attention to the school zone signs and continue their speed without slowing down. I periodically see the police with radars on Hanna (under the interstate) but I don't believe I've seen them this year with radar on Central.

Anonymous said...

Miss Betty does an outstanding job! she has been crossing children their for many years. 15 that I know of and people speeding through the school zone has been going on for that long.

Pacificurls said...

Dear Shreks wife.
What an appropriate title for someone like yourself!

I have an TRAFFIC CONTROL OFFICER coming by here @ my residence to discuss the INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY JAG.
Seeing how I'm unable to retrieve his tags ......because he drives THAT discuss a unit to park in the west side of this area
and ck for speeders..WHAT DID YOU DO>?
You come on the board and suggested that I get out of my bathrobe and off my porch and take down the tags,since you cannot read a post.BEFORE you send a comment .THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!
WHAT DID YOU DO ? besides sit on your BUTT and draw some conclusion that I spend my days on a porch in a bathrobe to complain about my neighbors .I resent your snotty Im better than you anyday mentallity .Obviously.You need some counseling or some xanx yourself.

I would love to meet YOU face to face somewhere .You need a kick down off your high horse
People like you who sit there behind your moniter and pass judgement because they did not meet your standards.SUCK! When I was a child my mother did say there will always be idiots who do this .All throughout your life.
They are called the tricky part for you obviously I------T!!
O please do me and the world a favor
and read an entire post BEFORE you answer it.

the password is Ignorant

ShreksWife said...

My dear, troubled, angry, pacific person ....

Thank God I can read, and reason. Please accept my apologies for obviously making you so mad that you possibly now should be the one taking Xanax (note the spelling) that is, if you're not already. I should realize that some people just aren't astute enough to comprehend 'sarcasm' when they read it. I made a sarcastic remark about you in your bathrobe standing on your porch, merely a euphemism, and you can't seem to get over it. Do you really think I saw you on your porch in your loungewear? Come now, I don't even know where you live, and seriously doubt that I live anywhere near your house.

But I will tell you this ... I don't just sit on my ass in front of this computer and bitch and moan. I not only attend city council meetings, town hall meetings, and the like, but also speak at them. I patrol at night in an effort to reduce the prostitution and crime in our n'hood. I donate countless hours to my civic association and n'hood to help make it a better place for everyone who lives, works and plays within its boundaries. It's people like me that you can THANK that you are not on this blog complaining about the prostitutes who are working in your front yard at 3am. It is people like me that you can THANK that your next door neighbors aren't running a meth lab out of their house. But hey, don't thank me, threaten to kick my ass instead. That just shows me who here is the I----T person, and it's not me, is it?

I'm happy to hear that you have at least made the effort to call TPD and have an officer come out to assist with your issue. (Well, your speeding jag issue anyway, it sounds like you have many).

I do not intend to respond to any more of your posts. There is really no need for us to meet face to face, as I do believe you may just be the sort to actually attempt to kick my ass, and since I am not the violent sort, nor am I experienced in any type of fighting, I must admit you will, in fact, kick my ass. I am doing you a favor by NOT accepting your challenge, as it will spare you from doing some much needed jail time. It's clear to me that to you, speeders on your street who threaten the lives of your neighbors are bad people, but bullies who publicly threaten violence on someone are okay.

Best of luck with your situation, and (no sarcasm intended) I hope you have a happy holiday.