Friday, November 17, 2006

What the SHIP is going on?!?

For all those interested in what the old flooring store on Florida Ave. (south of Hillsborough) changed into, there was a recent article describing the new occupants. I trust an organization that specializes in home repairs and improvement will soon follow suit with their own property -- but granted, they just moved in, so time will tell.

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS - An emergency home-repair program for low-income seniors has moved to larger headquarters.
The Senior Home Improvement Program, part of the Centre for Women, moved Oct. 20 to 5023 N. Florida Ave., a former floor installation shop.


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with their property. I think it looks good. It looks like the paid over 570,000 ( not to many startups or small business could shell that out) How many resturaunts or antique store or shopsor book stores could afford that? This is why there is a high turnover of these type of businesses. Property ownership ='s longevity.

If they make improvements imagine what the prop. tax could be. Or maybe they could do it illegally without permits & get a business association award!!

Anonymous said...

they bought the property with the help of a grant approved by city council. As a non-profit they will not pay any taxes on this million dollar property that is now off the books.