Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Speeding Jaguar

An email:

"I reside Hanna and Dexter Avenue. Each day without fail I see a older man in a cream colored older beautiful Jaguar ...its a classic and the man driving has to be well into this 70s .. He drives like he is on the Grandprix. I cannot tell you how many children reside on this street but its over ten... I resent that this man has no regard for stopping to slow down and that he has no respect.
I was working in my neighbors yard today and he hauled ass and just about clipped me say I was pissed is the kindest word. What if I were a child or a dog. He drives so fast I cannot get his tag number. "

What can the writer do?


Anonymous said...

Stop sticks?

CouldBeSherry said...

Call TPD every time you see him speeding.Give the best description you can. It will demonstrate a pattern of behavior. Eventually you can expect them to be able to do something.

Try to get a tag, that would be extremely helpful.

ShreksWife said...

Throw rocks at his car.

Anonymous said...

Our street used to put out an orange cone in the middle of the road to slow down church-going-speeders. Does this Jag live anywhere nearby? I'd assume since you're on his daily path, he has to live somewhat in the area. I'd take a stroll around your neighborhood and see if you can take down plate numbers while it's sitting in front of his house?

shawn-non-anonymous said...

I've had many things thrown at my vehicle by hookers. I know from experience that throwing any sort of missile at a vehicle is a crime. Rocks and bricks especially.

However, if you can figure out a safe way to get him to stop and curse you out, that'll give you a chance to read his plate and turn him in.

Anonymous said...

I live in the area and have two small children.

If I see him speeding, it will be the last time I assure you.

I promise.

CPACIFIC said...

ok I belive I stated he drives so fast that Im unable to catch the tag numbers.And yes I did walk down toward the river road bc its where this man turns down to.Now he has a classic car Im figuring he would park in in a garage seeing how the vehicle is in such wonderful condition externally.
He came by today and did same thing!
LOL I wouldnt ever throw anything at a car...other than the bird maybe.....My husband years ago was traveling on Fl.ave.during the day and a kid from those florida actually threw a bullet at his old van and it cracked the window ...Gary chased down the kid Called his brother who was at time TPD and took the juvi to court
His family was supposed to pay resistution for window.Did they>NO!
The boys charges were deadly missle at moving vehicle.

Thats why you dont throw things at someone' car. OR SHOOT AT THEM EITHER.
There is a resident off Dexter ave.
He/she is an officer with squad car I knocked on ask them what could I DO. to prevent this from becoming a situation no parent wishes to have..ever lose a child ?
Well this is not something I take lightly and nor do I think the poster who suggest throwing things at vehicle is to smart. But that's on you bud.
If your a home owner or a pet owner and say your dog gets lose and is hit by someone like this man would you not be upset?

I dont think this is a funny scenrio nor do I appreciate that snarky crap.
Hookers can be nasty.Although I once resided over off Powhattan and Nebrask my only encounter with one @ that corner store there I belive at time it was a 7/11 ...she was annoyed that I asked her to stop standing her skinny ass on my car while I was inside store ..tyvm
I will contact TPD and I asked David to help simply bc he is that sort of person.
I did not expect him to post this.
I appreciate those with a sound mind and I was not sure TPD could do anything to asisst seeing how their jobs are busy enough with idiots throwing things at people's moving vehicles or other things.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad some brought up the fact that there are A LOT of vehicles that speed through the Heights. I just moved into SESH and love it. I'm very proud of the community/neighborhood. Since I've moved in, I'm constantly seeing cars cut through my street, speeding to get to the end. I constantly walk my dog down my street and purposely take up as much of the road to slow these drivers down. Granted, I'm putting mine and my dog's life at risk but it works. What's also disappointing, is some of the "race car drivers" live on my block. :-( I can't begin to tell you how many stray/got out dogs I see on my street. I would hate to see any of them get hit by a car much less someone who actually lives on my block. I wish there was something we/I could do.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure shrekswife was joking so relax about the throwing rocks comment. it comes from having to deal with the same issue. she too lives on a street where people make it their personal mission to see how fast they can go from point a to point b. we've all seen it. i live on a corner in OSH where practically no car stops..they roll. #1 we all must practice what we preach which in truth can be hard sometimes #2 like sherry said we need to call tpd when things like this happen so they can document the pattern.

Anonymous said...

when we had police do a speed trap on hanna east of Nebraska they told us that most of the speeders were your friends and yes we all deal with cut-through traffic we must keep in mind that quite often we are the guilty one perceived to be racing down someone elses street.

The police also stated that to a ped that is close to the traffic lane that a car going the speed limit can seem like it is going much faster than it is.

Anonymous said...

If they could clean up the clusterfuck that is Hillsborough Avenue from 15th to Florida, the cut through issue would be a moot point.

I think the stupid median idea on Hillsborough is just going to make it worse.

armyBob said...

One of my Dad's uncles used to throw aluminum trashcans in front of cars that would speed down his street in Brooklyn. Probably not the smartest thing to do, but I bet it scared the hell out of 'em.

This has always been a big pet peeve of mine. I've wondered if you can purchase speed-sensitive stop sticks: if a vehicle exceeds the limit by a set MPH, they pop up causing extreme tire damage. If he drives a Jag I can almost guarantee he doesn't know how to change a tire ;) (apologies to mechanically inclined Jag owners).

armyBob said...

Sorry...I reread these posts, I wasn't trying to make light of a serious matter. Probably the best thing is to try to get his tag number.

shawn-non-anonymous said...

I've layed branches in the street and the speeders just plow over them. Splinters fly like little arrows and create a worse hazzard. I've rolled grapefruit (because anyone with a tree knows we always have too many) into the street and they just crush them. I park my truck in the street and that works, but they they've spit on it, thrown beer bottle at it, and blow their horns for 30 feet before and after in anger. As a pedestrian on my own street, I've had cars *swerve* at me while I was walking along the curb and I've had them yell "get out of the road" at me. Hello?! There's no sidewalk.

It's so nice having Publix in walking distance, but we pay for it in high-volume, speeding, angry traffic to the tune of 1900 cars a day, average.

Anonymous said...

Try a camera (still or video) to get the tag #. Also,
make it obvious you are watching any fast moving cars (by staring or glaring). That may slow them down or move them to other streets. Some speeders do not realize how fast they are going and willingly slow down when it's pointed out.