Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bike Thefts

An Email to SE Sem Hts email group:

"Monday, my bike was stolen off my side porch in broad daylight. It was locked up, but the thief evidently had bolt cutters. He didn’t even leave the lock and steel cable.

Today, my wife was sitting on the porch and saw a black male, about 18, riding one bike and pulling another one that still had the lock on it.

It didn’t bother me that much about my bike; it was used and cost me $75. But what bothered me was the sheer audacity of these guys. How can they get away with going up on porches, taking out bolt cutters and stealing bikes that are locked up. Then they calmly pull them down public streets.

Again, I know the cops are busy, but if they would just start patrolling some of these back streets occasionally, they might catch these guys either stealing, or pulling the stolen bikes. There is no other reason for someone to be riding one bike and pulling another unless they stole it."

I tend to agree with the writer about second bikes being at least suspicious and should be called in and stopped by police.

A year or so ago after getting some food at a fast food restaurant, I once saw someone with a second bike coming from the neighborhood north of Hillsborough. I followed him to a mobile home at 17th or 19th st. I called the cops and let them know. Likely nothing came of it except that maybe the bike theft cops could add him as a list of suspects.

Could Be Sherry has a great bike theft chase story involving a standoff.


NewHeightsMag said...

That's nothing. People recently broke into our very visible back window in broad daylight during a work day, used our luggage to rob us blind, then walked out of our house with multiple bags of luggage.

If a cop doesn't stop people walking down the street with luggage -- they aren't going to stop people with 2 bikes.

Love the neighborhood -- hate the crime. And we're only 1 house off central by Hillborough High! Our area is patroled!

Anonymous said...

"black males", what a surprise.

Flyer anon said...

Do you have double key deadbolts on your doors? If not you need to get em'
If they come in a window, don't let em' be able to go out through a door.

As for bike thefts I'll have to say I had a lock on them both times (they just weren't being used) anything short of a "U-lock" is junk.
In both cases I got the bike back. I hopped on my spare bike and hunted em' down. In one case the perp. didn't see me coming up behind em' and when I got up next to em' I dove off my bike onto em' (we both got up hurtin' but he ran and I repossessed my bike). In that instance I could be seen riding one bike while pulling another and wished a cop would have stopped to ask about it.

In the other case after it'd been stolen I had my neighbor give me a ride to the laundry mat. On the way there we passed a guy riding my bike. I had him stop and I jumped out and threw the guy off my bike and rode to the laundry mat where I put it in his van and went back to the house ( I didn't want to ride it pass the place I just repossessed it at)

Laurie said...

I am now feeling like TPD is becoming more like the Code Enforcment Department. (Except Nice) Not sure what they really do, but when things get ugly, they have a meeting, or do something to trick those that still believe in them that "Hey, we are in your neighobrhood, you many not see us but we are there" How do you argue with that? When Code is going rough, they decide to "host a workshop" or they "come to the rescue" and bombard the hood with citations and say "See we are committed to your area" when all along, they have been sitting around doing nothing.


If code were truely proactive, how could it be on the side street to Home Depot, the Garage Sale that has been going on for 10 years. How could the Ford Explorer with NO wheels and wrecked front end still be sitting on the right away.

Mal Carne said...

Living by Hillsborough High gets you an added bonus; bored school kids.
When I used to live on Caracas across from the school, I had the daily opportunity to walk my dogs through a haze of blunt smoke in the alley. Now while that used to be me back in the day, I'm a little too old for such things and I started calling the school resource officer to run the kids off.To little avail, they'd just be back the next day.
One morning I woke up to find that every car in the parking lot had been broken in to and looted. The high school kids take? - about 3 grand in cash and goods between 6 cars. And, in a feat of extreme stupidity on my part, a Smith and Wesson .357 was taken from my truck and was now in the hands of a teenager.
It may be nice over there, but you've got a ready supply of bored felons-in-the-making* to contend with.

*the minority of the school population, I'm quite sure.

armyBob said...

Someone took a broken Rigid air compressor out of my backyard...the police found it abandonded a few doors away. Stupidly I didn't have it locked up, but hey, it's missing a wheel, and is obviously not functional. And it was well hidden in my well-lighted yard (except to the roofers working nearby. Hmmm...). Since then, I've purchased a cable lock with an alarm. If you cut the cable or disturb the lock it emits a pretty loud noise. Soon it will be locked in an alarmed shed.

I came home tonight to find my gate open. I swear if I catch someone in my yard I'm going to go ballistic!