Sunday, November 19, 2006

Political Aspirations

Recently someone commented they did not want Randy Baron to run for City Council because he had any political aspirations.

What is wrong with having political aspirations? I think political aspirations are a good thing. I wish more Seminole Heights residents had political aspirations. I appreciated the aspirations of Rose Ferlita, April Griffin, Andrew Baker, Carol Mehlman, Kevin White, Kelly Benjamin, Tammy Harman, and others (?)

I have political aspirations. If I wasn't moving out of the City, I would have applied for the temporary City Council positions. At some point, I will run for political office (probably after I have had too much to drink).

I have political aspirations for Seminole Heights. Since we don't have money and can't buy political influence the way South Tampa can, we need to earn it by winning political office. With political influence we can get more done for Seminole Heights. Right now we have two Seminole Heights representatives on County Commission. I like to see two or three on City Council. I'd like to see a Mayor eventually get elected from Seminole Heights. A State Senator and State representative. I 'd like there to be a day when Wayne Garcia of the Creative Loafing writes about a "Seminole Heights Gang", (like they used to write about the Pork Chop gang in the legislature from North Florida) or a Seminole Heights "Good Ole Person" network (like West Tampa is known for), that dominates local politics.

By the way what other candidates have come from Seminole Heights?


CouldBeSherry said...

Well said sir!!

IFly said...

It never ceases to amaze me the people knocking politicians just because they're politicians. Of course there are good ones and bad ones, and most probably become "institutionalized" after some time in office, but politicians are an integral part of the process.
While the reasons people go into politics are a varied as the people themselves, the process is such that it's the only way to affect change from within the system. Like politicians or hate them, either way find the reasons to do so other than just that they choose politics as a way to change the world. It's one of the few ways an average citizen can do so. Like Tip O'Neill said All Politics Is Local.

Anonymous said...

Thats like saying any politician from Seminole Heights is a good politician.
I hope you dont pick the doctors that you want to operate on you that way.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to deal with politicians move to a kingdom! (or other government which bettet suits your needs)

It ain't perfect, but we forget how much worse it could be.