Monday, January 29, 2007

Victim of Hit and Run dies

Thanks to Cristi for informing me of this:

Hit-And-Run Victim Succumbs To Injuries

"TAMPA - A pedestrian who police say was hit and seriously injured in November by a mother driving her daughter to school has died.

Ricky Lee Brown died of injuries he suffered in the Nov. 30 accident. Brown, who was homeless, was being treated at St. Joseph’s Hospital. He was 50 at the time of the accident."

Our condolences to Mr. Brown's family.

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Anonymous said...

To the Brown Family,
We're so sorry for you loss.

CouldBeSherry said...

This is so incredibly sad and unnecessary. My heart goes out to the Brown Family.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Ms. Calderon's dancing days at The Oddesey might be over. Very, very, sad for all including her 10 yr old daughter and the Brown family.

Terri said...

Just for clarity, I have been in touch with Ricky's family. He was not homeless.

Anonymous said...

The whole story just sickens me to no end. I'm sorry for the family of this man and I hope the driver will think about this for the rest of her days. It didn't have to happen and it could have been you or me or my child walking on the sidewalk that day.

ktbhlove said...

I spent 3 months in the cell with calderon and beleive me when I say she has been reliving that day over and over again she had a problem and friends that wouldnt stop her she had severl friends at her house that watched her leave after being up all night and yes taking pills that she became depended on and that her kid was in the car but she is still awaiting her sentence a year later and I believe that she has long learned her lesson. She is a beautiful kind quiet girl that made a mistake a huge mistake and that was plastered all over the news and web and frankly all those people that said awful things about her think did you know her no i thik not......... God rest that man soul and lurvin I am here always....