Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pictorial History

One of the cools things at Tampa General Hospital are the photos on the walls on the way to the cafeteria, showing historical and current pictures of activities at the hospital.

Here are some operating room photos.

Click on this to enlarge. Look at the old style operating room uniforms.

You should see the photo of the patch cord telephone operator station.

Dear readers, where else can someone find photos of Tampa history like this, in a business or building? Posted by Picasa


bringiton said...

Grams Place on Ola and Plymouth- has many pictures of Tampa from the turn of the century, as well as cool, music related stuff.

tim said...

They have a lot of great photos at the Harbor Club (and its Sulphur Springs Museum inside).

IFly said...

Not what you had in mind, but Historic Photos of Tampa is a great browse if you're in Barnes and Noble or if the library has a copy.

Anonymous said...

Burgert brothers photos can be found on the library website and are a great look at old Tampa - just plan a few hours when you start looking.

Ben said...

I work at TGH as well, and those pictures are cool. However, since I am in nursing school right now at USF, I really like the old advertisement talking about how 'boys can be nurses too' (or something along those lines).

Also, go to USF's library site to access thousands of old photos (many originating here in Tampa).


Lucy D. Jones said...

Alessi's Wood Stove on Dale Mabry Hwy has two old photos of the Alessi Bakery enlarged on one wall in the dining room. They also have a couple of family photos near the kitchen. It's an effective way to show a long-term connection to the city, giving an impression of reliability in a new location.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Alessi would like to take a picture of their lot in SE Sem with the crappy lemon things that look like spacepods and put that in their restaurant so everyone can see that they aren't as tampa-friendly as you'd like to think.