Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dog Park Bar and Grille

Periodically I take Ella to Tampa's least mentioned dog park, the unnamed one at Giddens Park, next to the Kathryn Malone Center. Yes, unnamed, it ought to get it's own name since is detached from Gidden's Park. Least Mentioned? Invariably when someone does a story about dog parks they leave out ours.

This is got to be one of the most popular meeting places in Seminole Heights, aside from Publix. About everytime I go there I meet someone new.

Today, if my sleeply brain remembers correctly, Ella and I met Pippin and Gemma, two Portuguese Water Dogs, and their unnamed owners. (Each belongs to a separate set of owners). Go figure, how is it that a rare breed ends up in the same dog park with two different owners.

The owners are unnamed because the round of introductions only included the dogs.

Later amarathonguy's Chelsea showed up and things really got interesting. Pippin started to hit on Chelsea. Chelsea must have a great dog perfume. Afterwards I think I saw them exchanging phone numbers.

The only thing missing from the place is food and drink, which led me to an idea. With the new relaxed rules about dogs and restaurants, someone needs to create a dog park bar and grille, serving beer, wine, coffee and food with a deck that overlooks a private dog park. So owners can have a few brews with their breeds as they interact at the park. (Morning brew - coffee, afternoon brew - beer).

Never wanting to waste an opportunity to show my baby pictures, here is a photo of Ella, posing
for Vogue magazine (Seminole Heights edition)


Mal Carne said...

That's a great idea. The local Yappy Hours are a good start in that direction, but the one ingredient that's missing is room for the dogs to play.
Most times that I take one of my dogs to Yappy Hour, we run across a big black Lab that has a crush on her. They love to wrestle around, but 2-100 lb dogs in thrashing around in the courtyard full of people at New World is perilous, at best. I end up having to restrain their fun for the safety of others.
I'd love to see a place where she could act like a dog and I could relax a bit as well.

my baby picture

Anonymous said...

That is such a great idea that I'm looking into finding some finicial backing. I want to take it a step further and develope an "Animal Amusement Park."

Basic idea is this: A dog park with an agility course that the dogs could play in. Also it would be used for training (by a professional). It would have the cafe and an animal gift shop. My working name for it right now is "Barkyard Amusement & Gifts".

I'm going to work on this and see what happen's.

All financing ideas are welcome.