Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Neighborhood Watch Group

There is a new neighborhood watch group in Seminole Heights. I tumbed acrosss its first meeting at the Seminole Heights Branch Library. They are East Grid 44. I-275 to Nebraska, The River to Sligh. One of their biggest issues is the foot bridge at the I-275 river underpass (aka Troll Bridge.) It is a escape route there for criminals running from police. Crime activity occurs there, including prostitution. They are seeking to get it closed. Email me if you want to join and I will forward it to the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Kathy. In another month, they plan to have another meeting.


ranbar said...

I have been working with the city to try and close this walkway under I-275 on the south side of the river. There is some confusion between FDOT and the city as to who is responsible and who has the authority to close it up. Also, Kathy Steele may be writing an article in the Trib about this. Hopefully, this issue can be resolved soon, as it really does affect the quality of life for the residents along the street.

Rick F. said...

Another proposal to make the neighborhood less pedestrian friendly.

How about some lights?

If anything there should be more underpasses to break-up the wall that slices the neighborhood in two.

The actions of a few should affect all??

ranbar said...


Have you walked this underpass?

There are plans to create a well-lit, pedestrian friendly, pedestrian safe, walkway on the north side of the river, connecting the Tower park and the Sulphur Springs pool.


Rick F. said...

Actually Randy I have. I was showing a house on Hollywood and showed to my buyers who liked it for the ability to get to the other side.

For those to who pedestrian friendly is more than an "neat idea" (meaning more than lip service) it would be a shame to close this.

By the way if you get on Council, I hope you will work to get a pedestrian over pass for Hillsborough on the east side of 275. There is no safe crossing on this side the way there is on the west side. It is hard enough to get across Nebraska safely. Crossing Hillsborough borders on insanity.

Anonymous said...

Pedestrian access under the interstate would be wonderful if it were safe, visible and well-lit. The reality is that the walkway on Hollywood is a place where illegal and dangerous activities take place: drug sales, drug use, prostitution, rock throwing at passing boaters and motorists on the interstate and armed robbery. When the lights under the bridge get fixed, they are broken out almost immediately. Those of us who live nearby look forward to the opening of the walkway on the North side of the river at the park, which will be open, well-lighted, pedestrian-friendly, and will not pose a threat to the neighborhood.