Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Small Heads

In July I wrote about the big heads, "who has the biggest heads in City of Tampa, based on their photos at their department websites."

At the time the biggest head in Tampa Government was Curtis Lane. His photo was 200 x 242 px or 48400 (21274 bytes) .

Someone in City government must have read the blog because tonight, I happened by Code Enforcement's website and noticed that Curtis had his head shrunk. It is now 125 x 151 px or 18875 px and 4839 bytes.

One of the other big heads, David Vaughn, Director of Contract Administration, lost his head completely. There is no photo.

I then wondered what Mayor Greco's head was like when he was mayor. Using the wayback machine, I found his official photo on the city's website. Dick's head was biggest of all time in Tampa City government at 213 x 300 or 60000 px.


Anonymous said...

Are you recycling your posts?

Anonymous said...

N of H, Are you recycling your brain?

Anonymous said...

Anonomiz you should start a blog about your witty comebacks! I was hoping for something better.

Anonymous said...

Hell, N of H, that wasn't humor. That was serious.

Mal Carne said...

I just passed Greco in the lobby of my office building - in this case, the camera doesn't add 10 pounds. The guys head is huge for such a wee, little man.