Monday, January 29, 2007

Dang Those Dung Dolts

A raging rant from a responsible Lake Roberta reader:

"I am so very tiring of the people walking their dogs on Lake Roberta.....and not cleaning up after their pets (some just look around to see if anyone is looking and walk away, some just don't give a crap and walk away oblivious). Then on top of that, they believe that they have the right to yell at someone who is speeding around the circle???? C'mon peeps....get a grip...if your dog's poop is quite ok to allow to leach into the water system, why the heck do you give a crap about someone speeding? If this lake is so very important to you that you choose to shout at speeders, why do you not clean up the crap from your dog??? This is incredulous!!!

"May your own dog's poop fill your shoes and socks and invade your home with filth!"

and ps.........Rest In Peace Barbaro"

Perhaps what is needed is a dog poop bag holder somewhere at the Lake.

From the recent TBO article:
"The feces carry bacteria that can force beaches to close and add more nutrients to water already laden with algae feeding material.

Excess nutrients in the water can encourage algae blooms that can lead to fish kills when the algae decays and robs the water of oxygen.

"I've had people say they leave it because it's fertilizer and good for the grass," Holland said. "It is fertilizer. The problem with our waterways is they already have too much fertilizer."

The trouble with the tons of abandoned dog scat isn't just degrading water quality. The feces can pose health problems, too, said Nilufer Wilkins, a veterinarian with Hillsborough County Animal Services.

Dog and cat feces can carry roundworms and hookworms that can infect children or people with weakened immune systems, Wilkins said.

"It can be a health issue," she said."

From the Tampa Bay Estuary Program
An average-size dog dropping produces 3 billion fecal
coliform bacteria.

Research has shown that up to 95% of the fecal coliform found
in urban stormwater comes from animals.

Top 5 Reasons People DON’T Pick Up After Their Pets
Because it eventually just goes away
Just because
Too much work
Dog goes on the edge of my property, where I don’t walk
It’s in my yard (where it doesn’t bother anyone)

Top 5 Reasons People DO Pick Up After Their Pets
It’s the law
Environmental reasons
Hygiene/health reasons
Neighborhood courtesy
It should be done

Pooches for the Planet

Now someone is going to say, the ducks eliminate excrement extravagantly, why can't I?

The answer is, not much we can do about wild animals and ducks. A lot we can do about domesticated ones.


Anonymous said...

I must say, I found the coolest leash at the store with built in bags in the handle. When they do their thing, I remove a bag from the roll, and easily remove the poop.

However, I never pick it up out of my own yard. Between the rain and the lawn mower, I never see any. Is this supposed to be a bad thing? I assumed it was good for the yard and grass.

Anonymous said...

The Tampa Bay Estuary Prgram gives out Bags on Board dispensers in Rivercrest Park when they host Pooches for the Planet station (I think one Saturday each month). Stop by next time you see their tent in the park or along the greenway.

Anonymous said...

A doggy station is a great idea that won't work. Because:

1) A few of the residents that live around the lake have said they will tear them out if ever installed. (along with any type of seating or other signage.) Some city-installed signage (clean up after your dog) was torn out immediately after it was installed. The second one has survived.

2) I have witnessed one of the residents on the lake let their dog run off-leash and crap all over the lake (one of the same residents that will tear out any doggy stations, benches, or signs.)

And it's not just the lake. They'll do it in the front yards of any homes along the route to the lake. I've stopped several people as they walked away from steaming piles and asked them to clean it up. I've even provided bags.

I think you should add to the top reasons people don't pick it up:
It smells and who wants to carry it home?

Anonymous said...

Poo from animals that eat grasses, or basically vegitarian animals, is ok for the environment. Poo from animals that eat meat is toxic and damaging.

The people you mentioned who live on Lake Roberta seem to confuse public property with their own. I suggest the taxes for the lake area be transferred to them! What a bunch of ass holes!

Not speaking of all people around the lake, just the ones who would tear down signs and doggie stations, benches and signs. Who the hell do they think they are?