Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where's the grammar police when you needs em?

I admit to not having ever read this sign, although when it became green with mildew, I cloroxed it so it could be read! But yesterday someone pointed this out to me. He asked me to read the bottom of the sign, I thought I did and but I still did not catch it. Obviously I didn't really read it! He pointed it out and I looked at it and felt pretty foolish. But not as foolish as the city should feel!

(We're glad you here! for those who don't get it)

Then when I downloaded the phone camera pic to post, I noticed the top of the sign too.

Welcome to City of Tampa Park. Is that a welcome to a city named Tampa Park? Don't think so. Seems like an "a" or a "one of the" and Park with an "s", might work a whole lot better!

Grammar Police I think the city needs you!!!


Anonymous said...

There’s a sign when you re enter Tampa from unincorporated Hillsborough that says “Welcome to Tampa, an all America city!” First shouldn’t it be “All American” and second of all what else would could it be in America if not all American?
“”Welcome to Tampa, a thirty five percent Canada city!”

CouldBeSherry said...

Like I said, where is the Grammar Gennie? She needs to help the city!!

ShreksWife said...

The typos on this particular sign have been the brunt of many jokes over the years. Kind of like when I went into the Kash n Karry at MLK and Nebraska and the chalkboard sign at the deli counter said ... " Hi Value is what we is" .... I kid you not!

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia: The All-America City Award is given by the National Civic League annually to ten cities in the United States.

The award is the oldest and most respected community recognition program in the nation and recognizes communities whose citizens work together to identify and tackle community-wide challenges and achieve uncommon results.

Since the program's inception in 1949, more than 4,000 communities have competed and over 500 have been named All-America Cities.

Anonymous said...

Love this place. Learn something every day. Thanks ME...........