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Sex Offender Tenants Stir Neighbors

Sex Offender Tenants Stir Neighbors
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By VALERIE KALFRIN The Tampa Tribune
Published: Oct 2, 2006

TAMPA - Ever since new tenants moved into 4902 E. Okara Road, the house has been a lightning rod.

Neighbors were upset about the five or six registered sex offenders and sexual predators living there, on the same block as young children and within 1,000 feet of two school bus stops.

City code enforcement found the house in violation of residential zoning restrictions


Anonymous said...

Where the F**k is our mayor and city officials. This is getting old. The cititzens have to do everything in this city. Why aren't the city officials, TPD, Mayor, Mr. Corrado and other jumping up to make sure this does not continue to happen. Our city officials are the most worthless bunch of crap ever elected. They continue to put residents at risk, yet you don't hear them on the news saying this is wrong, we are working to correct it, we are working to change laws, etc. Instead it is left to the citizens to lobby for law changes. j

I have finally figured out how to lower taxes. Fire them all and save the salary. It is not like they are doing anything anyway.

CouldBeSherry said...

For wure this is an old story. But one thing no one realizes is that there are some basic problems that have allowed this to occur that have exited for years and require law changes. The city is presently working on what needs to be done. They have a group comprised of TPD, Code, Zoning and DOC which ARE working on it. It is nevver a quick process changing what has gone on for years. And it must be done right or when the caswes get to court, they will not be successful

Anonymous said...

True. However, I see their point. Why is it left to the citizens to find,solve and prevent everything. We, as residents, hire/elect/pay the salaries of our city officials. It is very dissapointing to see this happen time and time again. It will be interesting to watch how they handle the "new boarding House" that was put on the blog earlier. (Although I am not sure if it is sexual offenders) This administration has been very nonrespondent when needed. I am sure she is trying to figure out what position/layer to add to her admin so that she doesn't have to deal with the problem or having her staff create a new team/task force to handle it.

Hopefully, ABC News has their reps reading this blog and will interview these people as well. Maybe if the mayor will not do anything about the inept code dept. Public humiliation might do the trick. She should be embarassed and ashamed at allowing the code department to give the city a black eye for her entire administration.

Anonymous said...

You're right. This is beyond acceptable. And why is it that this new situation came out in the news so quickly, while we have been fighting for YEARS to get some attention for our little problem at 1303 New Orleans??? You can rest assured that had this been happening in "whiter" neighborhoods either west of Nebraska and/or south of Kennedy, this problem would have been solved long, long ago. We are experiencing what blacks and the poor have been dealing with for years. Sorry to say it, but it is true. It is also true that the volunteer citizens of our neighborhoods end up getting EVERYTHING done. We have to tell TPD that there are prostitutes on Nebraska, we have to tell Code that there are properties that need to be cleaned up, etc, etc. We pay these people inflated salaries, you would think that they would have some pride and get their jobs done without being hounded into doing so. FIRE CURTIS LANE AND IMPEACH SPAM IORIO!!!

Anonymous said...

I have two young children and I am quite concerned the house for rent next door is going to turn into one of these sexual offender flop houses.

It has been for rent for a long time and I assume the owner is getting desperate. The house is big and would easily fit five people.

Too bad Central Tampa is a magnet for sexual offenders.

If it happens, my family may be forced to move.

What am I supposed to do?

CouldBeSherry said...

Well it is in the news so quick BECAUSE of the incident at 1303. The concerns are heightened and it makes good news.

I, have never been to quiet on my concerns for code. But I have to say something to those of you who whine about the city being responsible for "doing for you". This is a community. There are many communities in the city. We all have needs and wants. We also are the only ones who walk in our shoes. We know what we need. We are not babies who should expect others to simply do for us. We need to not only make our needs known but also we should not be apathetic and let others handle our problems.

The Seminole Heights area is well known for caring and working towards solutions. We try to work with the city, not against it, waiting for stuff to be given to us. IF more people would get off their couches, and stop whining and start involving themselves then more would get done.
Constructive involvement will mean far more to Seminole Heights than poor me whining. If you want something,,,,,,,,,,go out and get

CouldBeSherry said...

One more comment. One of the first sexual offender homes which hit the news was indeed in a NOK neighborhood. The neighbors had the exact same frustrations as we before you make it a us vrs them issue, make sure you are right! This is all about unclear city,county, and state regulations and what can be done to fix them.

LivinInReality said...

I think you mean "SOK". We are NOK. And I beg to differ. This neighborhood is the MOST active when it comes to "getting things done". We do and do and do and do more and more. We pay our tax dollars to fund governement agencies to be responsible for certain tasks. Those agencies are over funded and under perform. No-one is "whining" here, but rather venting their frustration with an unresponsive governement that has ignored our please for too long and only moves when things become threatening to those holding elected office. And also, this is NOT about any city, county or state regulation. There are many, many municipalities in this State that do not have the same problems with sex offender complexes as we do here in Tampa. That is only because our government has turned a blind eye to the situation. Don't be so friggin' naive.

CouldBeSherry said...

Sorry, of course you are right about the SOK.....too big a hurry, has to do with the passion. But I am not naive. I am a realist and an observer.

Personally I do not ask Big Daddy to determine my needs and fix them. Now, I do wish things were easier, but I know things which have been wrong for year and years are not fixed in a term. I do not understand the blind eye in certain areas, but I still say more people caring make a difference. I am not talking about utopia, but rather the real world.

As to it not being city, county or state regulations, you are very wrong. One of the things that has happened is that it is unclear. So inforcement is difficult. Ask the same question of five different people in the several different agencies and you will get an assortment of different answers. That is a huge problem. It is the responsibility of the city, county, and or state to flipping make it clear so those that make cases stand a chance of winning them! Some municipalities have indeed done this. Ours has not and must. They know it. And yes, they know it because we raised a ruckus. Thinking it is actually the way things should work.....though would be a whole lot better if not so hard to be heard!!!

GimmeABreak said...

Are you trying to tell us that it is "unclear" that 16 sex offender/predators living in one single-family residence would be illegal???? C'mon, give me a break. This is just another example of Mr. Harold Scott telling the owner of the property "Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it" and just trying to let this glaring example of incompetence slip through the cracks. And also, this is not a case of wanting "Big Daddy" to determine our needs and fix them, but rather a case of activist taxpayers that have been trying to get attention to a serious problem that MUST be dealt with by the AUTHORITIES. We've done everything we can and should have to do in a situation like this. Now the people that hold office and positions of authority that live off of the taxpayers should take care of it without us having to pursue it any further. Just get if DONE.

CouldBeSherry said...

In truth, it is not against the law for as many sex offenders as are legal to live in a house. Presently there are five. That is too many! There is a reason this happens here and it is because legally it can. THAT is what has to be fixed.

As to 1303 and the 16, absolutely that was a crime. Not because of who they were, but because of how many they were. It is unfortunate we had to be so darn vocal to have someone finally pay attention to it, but that is the way it was. Things are beginning to change.

The big daddy comment was not necessairly concerning this particular issue, it was because of the number of phone calls and emails I get combined with many of the comments here,which say...."what are you going to do about it?"....well I do what I can, as do many others, but people should participate in things more. You loose your rights to have a say and have anyone care if you never try to help yourself.

Anonymous said...

Im so tired of this mayor and the code crapola.
Whoever else is running against her will get my vote.
I cant fight anymore.
I will just not vote for her again.

Anonymous said...

How does this happen in the first place? How does someone rent their house to people like this? What about a background check? Who wants scum like this living in their house? And how is it that this many sex offenders wind up in the same place? Misery loves company? Do these sickos just gravitate to each other? And why this neighborhood? The next "Hyde Park." HA!

CouldBeSherry said...

These people live in this house and others like it because it is a great big cash cow! Try this.....old house, probably either paid for or owned so long that the mortgage is under $500. Make few, if any repairs and do absolute minimal maintainence. Say with electric, water, etc. You have about $1000 a month outlay. Now pile the five bedrooms with bunk beds putting say four to six people in each room. Multiply that times $400 a month,for the privledge of sleeping in one of those bunk beds, and add some extra for extra services. There is a potential for a $10,000 - $15,000 return on that thousand dollars. So if you are the kind of person who feels no moral obligation to those around you, and no self respect, you can make a dirt farm fortune!

They don't gravitate, they are invited and placed there by agencies such as DOC. The do so because it is advertised as Clifford Hills Community Outreach Boarding House.

There is a lot wrong with all of this. Wrong is DOC for placing them somewhere that is not even legal for a boarding house. Wrong, is the landloard for slipping along skirting the law, just for a buck, and wrong is Code for not seeing what was going on, much sooner.

Anonymous said...

I think they saw but pretended to be blind.
Didnt one case get closed out.
They just didnt care thats all.
No more fighting, elect someone who cares.

Anonymous said...

For years, our incompetent code office closed the case, again and again. And for years, our fearless leader, Mayor Spam Iroio has sat by and watch the code department go to hell in a hand basket. I for one have had enough. My Husband and I are ordering "FIRE CURTIS LANE! AND IMPEACH IORIO" T-shirts to sell at cost. The first batch will be completed in time for the candidate forum. Is there a larger interest? I am planning on wearing them to the candidate forum in time for all of the media that will be there. And in honor of her beautiful electric blue suit, the will be blue! I for one want to educate the other wanna-be officials that enough is enough. Living in OSH, we have had to deal with the code crap for many years. As my taxes continually increase, I find it appalling that the elected officials do not feel that their level of service should increase. We have already taken orders for 41 shirts...who all wants one.

Anonymous said...

Can I get 3. How do we get you the money? Once you get the shirts, can you re-post or email out the information, etc. Is it one shirt that says both?

Anonymous said...

I was watching the TV last night and saw the lead story on Channel 28 News. It was another sex offender house (this one listed on the blog) They also did a small piece on the new orleans house.

If this is all true, I think the mayor has two options.

1) Fire Curtis Lane, Bill D and Harold.

2) Step down and allow someone capable of making a decision come in and fix this problem.

Her inability to manage this department will be the downfall of her administration. You should have heard Mr. Scott. It seems he is always on the side of the offending house. Do they get a kick-back from these homeowners?

Can I get two of those shirts. I have had it with her and her Code Boys. Will there be a link on the site to purchase the shirts or will they be sold at the forum.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever stood up in the "Public Comment" part of a City Council meeting and detailed all of these problems?

Anonymous said...


please explain?

Anonymous said...

Someone on her was printing shirts for the political forum that say "IMPEACH IORIO AND FIRE CURTIS LANE" Do you know where to purchase them. A group of neighbors here would like to purchase some.

Anonymous said...

LOL omgosh!
Would you do that really?

Why is it her fault the place is a shit hole? Is Pam O really responsible?I dont know?

I do know this. This is something they should allow the community have a huge vote on.No one would reside here like that.
There is one down my street. While Im not happy about it .What rights do I have.

My crime is Im white Im poor and Im old and single.

I have limited neighborhood selections.However IF IM a SEX offender or what ever the pervs are titled now.I can pretty much hold up in the heights.
Now there's fairness.!

Ship all them nasty shitholes to an island somewhere then let them all at each other.

Mike said...

Well I blame her because she has known about these issue for many years now. Yet she refuses to come down from her ivory tower and do something about it. For years, Curtis Lane and Mr. Scott has shown their incompetence by closing the case, denying the problems, etc. By their ignorance they have put countless neighbors and children at risk. I think the city should hold her responsible. If I can find the shirts as well, I definately would purchase 2 for my family. Many this would encourage her to stand up, lead/manage her employees and be accountable for the job she has been elected to do. I don't think she will be at the forum, but I do think the earlier post said that the media would be there. Does anyone know where to purchase the shirts? Do we leave our emails? Is there a website?

Anonymous said...

True. I think she could have done something by now. To watch these guys on TV month after month tripping all over themselves is an embarassment to the city of Tampa. It shows how bad of a manager she is. She is great at hiring (Chief Hogue) terrible at actually managing. You would think with all of the layers she has created someone woule have the balls, the knowledge or the ability to take control and fire the code leaders then replace them with someone capable of cleaning up the city.

It is unfortunate that these code leaders could very well cost her the election. I agree with the earlier poster that said she will wait until after the first of the year to fire them all to win votes. If that happens, I will not vote for her since she is making the city suffer for her political gain. In my books, there is nothing she could do to win back my vote.

In today's paper, there was an article of another park being renovated in the projects. What does it take to get her to give our park some attention. The Mayor's Beautification program is the worst thing to happen to Tampa, outside of Code. If it is being funded by tax dollars, the media should investigate how these funds are collected and allocated.


Anonymous said...

I wish you could hear you people and how you all sound. Do you think our neighborhood is the only one here in Tampa, you all might think so, but it's not. I have been living in this neighborhood for 16 years and I believe the mayor and the code department has done an excellent job in the ENTIRE city. With the issue of the sexual offenders, they've done their time and everyone deserves a place to live. I have one right down the street here, and I have just had to deal with it and adjust. My daughter understand what she can and can't do, but these criminals have something all of us have FREEDOM. The more and more I read this blog and here how ignorant and stuck up up you SOB are I am beggining to realized the people living here are uneducated idiots. We as a community need to pull together and get off all of our asses and clean up the neighborhood and not FULLY depend on the city.
One of my friends talks to her Code Person and the real problem is that they are understaffed for such a large area, now who controls the budget and hiring PAM IORIO. The Code Department is a real asset to this city and achieve great things for OUR community.
I would like to see more positive things on this blog, besides all the irrate me complaining, we all made our own choice to live here, if you don't like it sell your house and get out.

Anonymous said...

We could sell our houses and get out, or we could bitch and moan about the incredible tax hike we take every year. All I am asking code to do is uphold Florida law to the minimum. Keep yards mowed, keep a legal number of tenants in a home, don't let businesses run illegally out of homes, etc. Is that too much to ask? For years, we have not received the slightest bit of help from the city. We pay THEM to do a job. It is their responsibility not our. I keep my home up, I pay my taxes. If they don't like the bitching then get a job with no responsibility. They knew what their job duties were before taking the position. So there!