Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Building Renovations

An email:

Across from the bakery just south of Florida and Hillsborough (just doors down from Forever Beautiful) they are working on a building that’s been boarded up for at least 4 years. I remember seeing people sleeping behind the place before, but now they have a fence around the back. They have also put a big pane of glass in the front where plywood used to be. I stopped to ask the carpenters, who were doing interior construction on the place, what it was going to be – but none of them knew (or would tell me). Has anyone heard about this?

Also, there is something brewing at that large blue (defunct) flooring store just a few more buildings south. It’s a large lot with parking, so I’m ready to throw in the Panera rumor once more :o)

Lastly, is it Van Gogh Signs that’s for sale, or the adjoining lot?

So many places for sale and renovating!!! Very exciting for Southern Seminole Heights !"

Blue building is the location of Senior Home Improvement Program.


Anonymous said...

Van Gogh is for sale - they bought a warehouse in drew Pk to run the business from

Anonymous said...

More changes in the hood.

The old movie theather on Florida also got a fresh coat of paint.

The old fortress games building got a new coat of paint.

The appliance junk yard near the new deli got a fresh paint job.

There is a car lot on the left hand side of Florida heading north and it has a cash blowout sale. Every week there seems to be less and less cars, maybe it will close :).

The oil place at the interstate on Sligh Ave has switched hands it used to be a like RJ's or something now it's a chain.

Every day something changes in the neighborhood.

And I agree bring on the PANERA.
I love soup it's healthy and cheap.

Anonymous said...

I also love Panera, BUT.. I certainly would rather see a nice locally owned, independent soup and sandwich restaurant open up than another corporate chain. The independent businesses are what give a neighborhood like SH its character. We (and I love speaking for everyone,haha) don't want SH to look like every other corner in the area.

Anonymous said...

I don't want our neighborhood to look like the suburbs. But there is a sweep trend for franchised business to incorporate themselves into existing structures.

My friend just moved to Old Northeast St Pete. and across the street from her house is a CVS in a building that looks like it used an old movie theater.

I would support a local business but I will support a Panera if it moves into the area too. I don't think you have to sacrifice originality and character just because it's a nationally recognized business.

Don't you agree the corner where Starbucks currently sits is more aesthetically pleasing then it was this time year?

Anonymous said...

Well Judy's Treasure chest is closing. I thought antique stores did well in this area. Rent must be to high to support it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the heavy aroma of cigarette smoke. You can hardly breathe in there.

Anonymous said...

I thought we had a Florida Indoor Air Act to stop smoking in stores?

Bungalowlady said...

Chamns are more likely to move into SH because the price of a lot is so high. Most Mom and Pop places can't afford half a million dollar locations.

Judy's is closing brecause she a) was living there with no showers or kitchen and b) she hasn't paid the rent in many, many months.

Next door to Judy's is Candles as Art. You ought to stop in. It's great!

Anonymous said...

Franchises like Panera and Starbuck's still employ local people and serve the local community.

Yeah the profits may be shipped to Seattle or Atlanta but so what?

Just b/c it's a company is owned by a local businessperson doesn't mean the profits aren't paying for his coke habit or some other frivolous pasttime. There are some pretty shitty local businesspeople out there.

99 percent of new economic development is good economic development as long as it follows community standards.

cartman said...

Just because you don't like it doesn't meant it's frivolous.

Anonymous said...

Candles now thats frivolous. How can a candle shop make it in SH.