Thursday, October 05, 2006

Restaurant review

My neighbor had asked me several times if I wanted to walk down the street and have breakfast with them at "Martha's". I told them I had I tried, on several Sundays, to have breakfast, but the parking lot on Sundays was always crowded and I knew from having frequented other unsuccessful restaurants in that building, that there was limited seating. I would then go to either
the Diner, or Mama's Kitchen. Last Friday I finally went to Martha"s (on Nebraska across from
Shadowlawn). It was a pleasant surprise from all the previously disappointing and awful experiences dining in that building. The new owners have remodeled ( as much as possible). It is clean and bright. The service was fast and friendly. The breakfast that I had was really amazing.
Two perfectly cooked eggs, smoked sausage (so large that it was split), hash browns and two biscuits. The price was under $5.00. It was busy, even at 10:30 on Friday. I will definitely return for breakfast. Has anyone had lunch there?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lead. We are new to area, will try.

I did stop by a place just north of MLK, on Florida, don't recall the name, but lots of interesting teak import furniture/decor items, and great bead jewelry.

YesterDazed said...

Welcome to Seminole Heights Anony 12:21!!

Be sure to check out your neigbhorhood association. We have the best (IMHO), most active civic groups in the city.

You can learn more about businesses in your new area by going to, This is the website for the Business Guild of Seminole Heights.

And, anything you need to know, just ask on this blog....lot's of experts lurking.

Anonymous said...


DO'h! sounds good ;-) thanks for the head's up on the fud.

TAKIN'ANAP said...

Are any of you bloggers going to put anything new up on the blog today? This restaurant thing is BORING!!!

Anonymous said...

Was thinking the same thing.

How's about he ask the "hood" what would make you happier living in seminole heights?
and why would you??

how about whats your favorite holiday for seminoleheights?

whats your fondest thoughts of living here>?
IF tommy cruise moved to this neighborhood would he be accepted?

how about a gay bar close in the neighborhood ?

M4MTOPinSH said...

ANON 4:38: Every day is a holiday in SEMHEIGHTS. Having Tommy Cruise in the hood would definitely make me happier (as long as he left his "religion" and Katie back in LA). And a Gay bar would just be the icing on the cake. I am surprised that there is not a Gay bar here already. There are in Ybor, Downtown, North Tampa and over on Armenia, but nothing right here in the hood. Wassup widdat??? I guess that the hood is sooooo Gay already that there is really no need for a Gay bar??

Anonymous said...

there is a gay bar very close by -- Azelia on Florida

Anonymous said...

O do tell? WHAT is the club?

I have been to Valentines many times .
Not all of the clubs like gals
I am also straight but love the scene b/c of music for dancing.

Anonymous said...

There is Wrangler's in Ybor, Azalea Lounge on Florida in Tampa Heights, Chambers on Franklin St. in Tampa Heights, Valentines on Armenia north of Sligh. There is another neighborhood bar on Florida Ave. right across from the Homo Depot ( can't remember the name right now). These are the closest clubs/bars.

Anonymous said...

I don't know of any of the bars in town that discriminate against the "gals" or the "straights". Tampa is a very frienly, welcoming town. Of course, as always, there are people who act like idiots, but that is the exception. Valentines, Azalea Lounge, Chambers etc. are very mixed and very welcoming to all segments of our community. Have FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

O yeh the club on Fl.
Forgot about that one and I see they have redone the outside.